Great Mentoring Quotes

33 Great Mentoring Quotes

A mentor is a valuable asset in advancing your career. According to Bob Proctor, a mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you. Below are 33 great mentoring quotes: Motivational Mentoring Quotes The mediocre mentor tells. The good mentor explains. […] Read more…

Questions to ask a reverse mentee

Five Top Questions to Ask a Reverse Mentee

According to Techopedia, reverse mentoring is an initiative where an older executive is paired and mentored by a younger employee usually in areas such as technology, social media and current trends. Reverse mentoring has great benefits to the mentor, mentee and the organisaton as a whole. Younger executives get an opportunity to interact and develop […] Read more…

Prayer To Say Before An Exam

A Short Prayer to Say Before An Exam

Exam time is usually very stressful. However, you can rely on God for grace to preparation, clarity of thought and strength to face them all and come out on the other side successfully. Hereunder is a powerful prayer to say before an exam: Dear Heavenly Father, You are God! You are an excellent father. You […] Read more…

Career Quotes

21 Motivational New Year Career Quotes

New Years is usually a season to reflect on the past and set new career goals for the year. In order to achieve these goals, you need to create a clear, strategic and actionable plan. Staying motivated is also a key ingredient but working to achieving a new goal is not going to be easy. […] Read more…

How To Stay Motivated In College

How To Stay Motivated In College

College is tough. Balancing classes, exams, projects and group assignments all within a deadline is taxing. In addition, there are usually on campus activities such as games and meet ups. The key to finishing your journey in college is to stay motivated. Hereunder are 10 things you can do to stay motivated in college: Prayer […] Read more…

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