Job Interviews can be daunting. The thought of speaking to someone or a panel of individuals who you do not know about yourself and your career history can cause anxiety. This is especially the case if you are shy.

Hereunder are 6 tips and techniques that you can use to calm your nerves before a job interview:-


As believers in Jesus Christ, we have the confidence that we can take everything to God in prayer. Praying before a job interview is very powerful as it allows you to seek God and to invite him to take control of the interview.

Prayer gives you the opportunity to ask God to give you peace and calmness that you can respond to questions eloquently. God is concerned about every area of our lives. He wants to be involved in everything that you and I endeavor to do. A job interview is no exception.

If you are seeking a prayer that you should say before an interview, I have written a short but powerful one which you can make your own. Click here on a comforting prayer that you can say before a job interview.

Informational Interviewing

If you are shy and nerves about speaking to individuals who you do not know, then informational interviewing is a technique that you must use in your preparation. Informational interviewing or also termed informal research is a phrase coined by Richard Nelson Bolles author of the best-selling job hunting book “What Color is your Parachute.”

Informational interviewing is the process of identifying a job/ career that interest you and setting up a meeting with persons who perform these roles day to day with the aim of understanding whether or not the job or career really interests you.

It is important to highlight that an informational interview is not a job interview. However, an informational interview could potentially be a stepping stone to a job offer. According to Bolles the important thing to remember with informational interviews is that they are carried out with workers and not hiring managers.

I have completed an article on the blog on a comprehensive guide to informational interviewing. Feel free to click the previous link for more information about informational interviewing including questions you can use at such a meeting.


Being fully prepared for an interview will help you to calm your nerves. If you are ill-prepared going into the process then this will make your nervous and you will appear uneasy when responding to questions.

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The following are some pointers of things that you should do to prepare for a job interview:

  • Allocate some quiet time to reflect on the role and whether it is truly the direction that you will like your career path to go.
  • Review the job advertisement to familiarize yourself with the job requirements as there could be a time lapse between when you submitted the job application and your job interview.
  • Research the company. Learn the company’s mission, vision, company plans and strategic plans using documents via sources such as newspaper articles, social media, annual report and company website.
  • Prepare a list of common interview questions and your responses to these. It is best to actually write these out. You can time yourself given the responses to ensure that your answers are not too long.
  • Clarify the location and medium of the interview whether it is via Skype or phone.
  • Choose your attire and ensure it is cleaned and neatly ironed. Select a back up attire and have it on stand by in the event of an unplanned wardrobe malfunction.
  • Prepare an elevator pitch and practice so that you can introduce yourself seamlessly.
  • If your interview is via Skype or phone, ensure that you have a copy of your CV printed. If it is face to face, carry along several copies of your resume should the panel require it. I suggest that you carry about five copies.
  • Prepare and eat a solid breakfast to ensure that you have energy and can focus.


It is important that before an interview to ensure that your mind is clear and that you can provide the best responses to questions posed. A tired mind may result in poor quality responses.

Therefore, as part of your preparation for your job interview, ensure that you have slept 7 to 8 hours the night before to be well rested and ready.

Arrive Early

If you are running late, you will be rushing to get to your location on time. Haste will get you flustered which is not the frame of mind that you will like to be in before a job interview. Therefore, ensure that you give yourself ample time in case there is an accident on the road or an unexpected traffic jam.

There is no harm in arriving near the location of the job interview about half an hour prior and sitting at a coffee shop or in a public space. You should walk into the office where the job interview is being held about 10 to 15 minutes before the start.

A few minutes to say a final prayer and relax can help you still your nerves before a job interview. Remember to put your mobile phone on silent before entering the office.


Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes before entering the interview. At the end of the day, there are only two responses that the panel can give you. It is either a yes or a no.

If you have place the matter in God’s hands whatever the outcome, it is for your best. Ideally, this is the resolve that you and I must have in these situations.

Final Thoughts

Job Interviews can be unnerving. Hope the tips and techniques provided in this article helps you in your preparation so that you present yourself with clarity and confidence.

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How To Calm Your Nerves Before A Job Interview

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