Blogging is an awesome skill to learn. You may need to grow a blog as part of your requirements on the job or just love to write and want to blog as a hobby. Whatever your why, there are several individuals on YouTube who shares highly valuable blogging tips and techniques.

However, from my experience growing this blog the following have been the 10 most valuable YouTube channels in teaching the skills and the business of blogging.

Income School

I look forward to every Monday morning to view a new video posted by the owners of Income School, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer.

They are two down to earth guys who discuss blogging tips and techniques. Their videos include content writing and search engine optimatization( SEO). Content is key is one of the main pillars of their content creation strategy.

The Content Bug

Cathrin’s channel is truly a breath of fresh air. She shares content on how to launch a successful Pinterest account and how to use this platform to drive traffic to your blog.

In addition, Cathrin Manning shares other blogging set up tips such as how to add Google site maps to your blog as well as many videos on how to start and grow a successful You Tube channel.

Anatasia Blogger

Thursday mornings is not the same without hearing the blogging gems shared by Anatasia. Her channel is valuable for learning and growing your traffic using Pinterest.

In addition to sharing her experiences she presents various case studies from bloggers who have started their blogs and how they have used Pinterest to successfully grow it into a full time business.

She also shares how to use Pinterest for Ecommerce as well as other blogging tips.

Miles Beckler

Another one of my favourite channels is Miles Beckler. Miles teaches on topics such as affiliate marketing, content creation, search engine optimization and blog monetization.

Miles also shares a lot about his 90 day challenge when starting his channel which is producing 90 videos in the first 90 days. He shares this as one of his key strategies for when you are just getting started with an online business.

So as an example, if you are starting a blog, you should publish fresh content everyday for the first 90 days.

Suzi Whitford- Start A Mom Blog

While Suzi is branded specifically to teaching moms about blogging, her content is valuable to anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of blogging. She shares tips and techniques on email marketing, Pinterest, affiliate marketing and interviews individuals who share their blogging success stories across many niches.

Suzi goes into great detail on how to’s. For example, she shares how to create pin images using Canva and Microsoft Powerpoint. In addition, she shares how to create beautiful static home pages using Elementor and Gutenberg and so much more.

Neil Patel

Neil’s strength is search engine optimatisation and he shares valuable content on all the various areas of SEO such as onpage, off page and local SEO.

In addition, he shares how to complete an SEO audit on your website. Neil Patel is also the creator of the popular keyword research tool called Uber Suggest. This tool is completely free to use when you are creating content.

Brian Dean-Backlinko

Backlinko is an SEO blog that shares SEO tips and link building strategies. Brian does not publish as often as other channels but when he does, his content is usually in depth and thoroughly analysed and hence adds lots of value. He also shares tips on content creation.

Maria- The Chic Pursuit

Maria runs her own fashion blog, The Chic Pursuit in addition to her You Tube Channel. Her channel focuses on blogging tips and she is my go to person for all things Tailwind.

Her tutorials on how to use Tailwind and Tailwind tribes for explosive traffic growth are the best that I have found on You Tube.

Create & Go

This channel is owned by a couple Alex and Lauren who shares about blogging. I have found their content around Pinterest marketing highly valuable.

They also share interviews from other successful bloggers which are motivating and encouraging.

The Savvy Couple

This channel is managed by Kelan and Brittany Kline who are personal finance bloggers. In addition to sharing financial advice, they also share blogging tips.

I have found their videos on Pinterest marketing strategy highly useful.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in blogging or new to blogging, I trust that you will find this list useful. From my experience, these are the 10 most valuable YouTube channels on blogging that I have found online with free content that was pivotal in assisting me with navigating the world of blogging as a newcomer.

Peradventure this post was valuable, I will be grateful if you can share it and leave a comment. Thank you so much in advance for your support as I grow my blog.


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