The sales function is the lifeblood of a business. If a company is not making any sales, then there is no revenue. A business that does not have revenue dies. The sales function is therefore the critical arm of a business.

If you are in college or perhaps you are considering a career in sales, then this article could be a resource to assist you in making your decision.

Hereunder are the pros and cons of a career in sales:

The pros of a career in sales

Earning Potential

Due to the significance the revenue of a business, sales employees are usually incentivized to make more sales through commissions. The greater the volume of sales may mean the greater your earnings.

If you are fantastic at what you do, you may have uncapped earning potential in an organisation. On the other hand, careers such as accounting tend to have fixed salaries which does not change.

In Demand Skill

The importance of sales to an organisation makes it a highly sought after skill. Therefore if you are a great sales person in a region, you may have a plethora of offers coming your way.

Challenging Career

If you are competitive, a go getter and love a challenge, then a career in sales is for you. A career in sales will allow you to develop several skillsets such as negotiation skills, presentation skills and public speaking


Being a sales person especially if you are in B2B sales (business to business), may expose to different persons in several industries. These connections that you make are valuable to your career such as if you are seeking a job in the future.


If you like being on the move by that I mean not staying in the office everyday then a career in sales is for you.

Sales persons usually are expected to work out of the office for meetings with customers. Hence you will have the freedom of not being tied to a desk on a day to day basis.

The cons of a career in sales

Target Focus

Sales roles are usually based on your meeting a specified amount of sales every month or every quarter. So often your job could feel like you are starting again at every month or quarter. Your job performance is heavily tied to your achievement of a target.

Lack of Control

Your ability to close a sale is not all within your control. You may make a great sales pitch but a company may not have the budgetary means to purchase.

Economic and other factors such as the outbreak of a disease may mean that people have less income to spend on your product.

No matter how many leads you have, these factors will affect your ability to close the sale which are all outside of your control.


The consistent pressure to drive sales in a business can be stressful. Additionally, when there are challenges such as an economic recession and a business still expects you to sell the same quota as when the economy is great could be difficult.

As a sales person, you need to have a thick skin. You will hear a lot of no’s. Sales individuals are often called pushy when they are trying to meet their targets. It is important not to internalize the rejection but use it as a tool to go back to the drawing board to improve your techniques.

Brand Ambassador

As a sales person, you will become an ambassador of the business that you represent. At times it may be difficult for you to separate your private life from your role. Be prepared to answer questions about the business even on your private time.

For example, you may be making a casual run to the supermarket but may be forced to go into work mode as someone may ask you a question about the company’s products and services.

Final Thoughts

Every career has its positive as well as the negatives and a career in sales is no exception. I have also written an article on this blog on the pros and cons of a career in accounting. Feel free to click the previous link if you are contemplating a career in this field.

Trust you found this article helpful should you decide that a career in sales is your dream job. I will be grateful if you can share this post and leave a comment. For access to our free resource library with career templates, guides and checklists, click HERE to fill in the form. Thanks for your help as I grow this blog.

The Pros and Cons of A Career In Sales

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