Top Qualities of a Great Mentee

23 Top Qualities of a Great Mentee

Every mentor aspires to work with a great mentee. In selecting a mentee, a mentor should ensure that the mentee has certain qualities and attributes. This will ensure that the relationship is productive and successful. Hereunder are 23 top qualities of a great mentee: Action Planner A great mentee should have a mentee plan. This plan […] Read more…

Lessons in the Life of Nelson Mandela

21 Lessons from the Life of Nelson Mandela

Given the name Rolihlahla at birth, Nelson Mandela was born in a small village called Mvezo, South Africa. His  memoir, Long Walk to Freedom is  a must read. Portions of this book was written from prison. His bravery, countless sacrifices and commitment to end apartheid in South Africa has resulted in him being regarded as […] Read more…

Questions to Ask Mentee

10 Top Questions to Ask a Mentee

For a productive mentor mentee relationship, it is critical for the mentor to ask pertinent questions to understand the mentee’s desired outcomes. Hereunder are 10 top questions to ask a mentee: What are your goals? It is important to find out from your mentee if he/she has a clear goal that they will like to […] Read more…

A Short Fervent Prayer For Job Security

A Short Fervent Prayer For Job Security

With everything that is going on in the world, many individuals are fearful of the uncertainty and the future. Massive job cuts and job losses are happening in every country across multiple sectors. However, in the midst of everything, God is in control. Hereunder is a short fervent prayer for job security:- Dear Heavenly Father, […] Read more…

Top Career Mentoring Questions to ask a mentee

21 Top Career Mentoring Questions to Ask a Mentee

Having a mentee is a critical responsibility. A mentor assumes the role of shaping a mentee’s career by providing useful tools, experiences and knowledge. In other words, a mentor is a brain to pick. Below are 21 top career mentoring questions to ask a mentee. These career questions will assist a mentor in understanding the current […] Read more…

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