How to prepare for your first job review

How to Prepare for your First Job Review

Your first job review usually at the end of 90 days at a new company can be daunting. Therefore, it is vital that you prepare from day one for this meeting. The following are 8 steps that you should consider to prepare for your first job review: Be clear on the job reporting structure Request […] Read more…

3 Principles of doing a life changing job hunt

3 Principles of Doing a Life Changing Job Hunt

A life changing job hunt is an approach to job seeking that requires the individual to self-reflect prior to the application process. The 3 principles of doing a Life changing job hunt were created by Richard Nelson Bolles. The late John Crystal was co-creator. Approaching a life changing job hunt requires that you self- reflect […] Read more…

10 Top Career Questions to ask a mentor

20 Top Career Questions To Ask A Mentor

Mentoring is a method used for transferring knowledge from one person to another. The mentee is the party receiving knowledge. The mentor imparts knowledge. It is fundamental to note that a mentor need not be someone who has years of experience in your field of interest. A mentor could be someone who is a few […] Read more…

How to prepare for a job change

How to Prepare for a Job Change

Job changes are inevitable. With time, we evolve and we grow. As part of your career development, it is vital that you are always preparing for a job change. The following are 6 steps to consider when preparing for a job change: Search for vacancies Research potential companies Review your current skills Update your resume […] Read more…

Why accounting is important in business

Why Accounting is Important in Business

According to Warren Buffet, accounting is the language of business. Therefore, a strong knowledge and understanding of accounting is important in business. Non accounting professionals need not acquire professional qualifications from bodies such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). However, they should seek to have a working understanding of accounting principles and practices. The […] Read more…

How to prepare for a job shadow

How to Prepare for a Job Shadow

A job shadow is the process of learning a role by interacting with the person completing the job on a day to day basis. Job shadows are usually unpaid. The following are 5 things to consider when preparing for a job shadow: Research the role Remove any distractions Be on Time Make Notes Ask questions […] Read more…

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