Effective Study At Home Tips

10 Top Effective Study At Home Tips

Studying at home takes a lot of discipline as opposed to working in an environment such as your school, a co-working space or at a library. You may be required to study at home if you are a distance learning student. However, there may be circumstances where there is no other alternative but to study […] Read more…

Things To Do If You Lose Your Job Suddenly

10 Things to Do If You Lose Your Job Suddenly

Life is filled with many unforeseeable circumstances. Losing your job suddenly is definitely one of these situations. However according to Albert Einstein, in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity. Hereunder are 10 Things to do if you lose your job suddenly:- Stay Calm Trust me, I know that this one is a tough […] Read more…

A Powerful Prayer To Say After Losing Your Job

A Powerful Prayer After Losing Your Job

Life is filled with many unpredictable moments and losing your job is definitely one of them. However, in the midst of this season, God is still in control. Hereunder is power prayer that you can say after losing your job:- Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for everything. I give you praise because you are a […] Read more…

Things To Remove From Your Resume

10 Things to Remove From Your Resume

Your resume is a document that summarizes your professional history and work experience. It is usually reviewed by a recruiter, who then decides if they will like to interview you for a job vacancy. Therefore, it is critical that you include the appropriate details and remove anything that could be detrimental to you securing your […] Read more…

How To Create Your Own Summer Internship

How To Create Your Own Summer Internship

In reality, every student seeking an internship will not get an opportunity. On the hand, landing an internship is no guarantee that you will get the hard skills that you are looking for to prepare you for your dream job. However, with the growth of the internet, students can now create their own internship. There […] Read more…

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