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Questions to Ask Mentee

10 Top Questions to Ask a Mentee

For a productive mentor mentee relationship, it is critical for the mentor to ask pertinent questions to understand the mentee’s desired outcomes. Hereunder are 10 top questions to ask a mentee: What are your goals? It is important to find out from your mentee if he/she has a clear goal that they will like to […] Read more…

Job Interviews How to Prepare if you are Shy

Job Interviews: How to Prepare if you are Shy

Job Interviews can make even the most extroverted person nervous. Therefore, if you are naturally shy and introverted, even more preparation is required. According to the late career planner, John Crystal, if you are shy you should prepare for interviews by doing the following: Go out and talk to people about anything to develop the […] Read more…

Questions To Ask Someone About Their Job

13 Top Questions to ask someone about Their Job

Opportunities to ask someone details about the job and their career does not present itself every day. Therefore if ever these occasions arise be sure and ask as many questions as you possibly can so as to get clear insight into the individual’s job. Hereunder are 13 top questions to ask someone about their job: […] Read more…

How to Deal With Rejection from Scholarship

How to Deal with Rejection from a Scholarship

Rejection from a scholarship can be heart breaking especially in situations where you are looking forward and praying for a positive outcome. However, in the midst of disappointments, God is still in control. Hereunder are 4 tips for dealing with rejection from a scholarship: Prayer The best thing to do in times of disappointment is […] Read more…

Tips for Starting A New Job

11 Valuable Tips for Starting a New Job

Starting a new job can be taxing. Any form of career change or life change for that matter will affect both your private and professional life. Hereunder are 11 valuable tips for starting a new job. Applying these at your new jobs will help your adjustment process. Listen More Than You Speak To understand the […] Read more…

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