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How to ask someone to mentor you

How to ask someone to mentor you

Once you have identified someone who you believe could be your perfect mentor, then next big step is to ask the individual. I have written a related article on how to find a mentor. Feel free to have a read of this article in case you have not yet found your mentor. How to ask […] Read more…

How to Find A Mentor For Your Career

How to Find a Mentor for Your Career

Finding the right mentor for your career is important as mentorship could advance your career. The perfect mentor for you is someone who can help you elevate and accelerate your career growth and development. Hereunder are 6 steps that you can take to finding a mentor for your career: Reflect on your Career Vision The […] Read more…

Strategies to Advance Your Career

11 Top Strategies to Advance Your Career

Career advancement must be a goal that you and I strive to attain on an ongoing basis. Consistent self-assessment must be made to ensure that progress is achieved. This progress should align with your career plan which flows out of your career vision. Hereunder are 11 top strategies that you and I must observe for […] Read more…

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