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Powerful Career Quotes To Live By

99 Powerful Career Quotes to Live By

Building and growing a career is a process with many ebbs and flows. Our career goes through several different seasons. There may be seasons of growth or periods of disappointments. Hereunder are 99 career quotes which provide inspirational lessons that you and I can live by. Career Goals Quotes The best way to predict the […] Read more…

Lessons in the Life of Nelson Mandela

21 Lessons from the Life of Nelson Mandela

Given the name Rolihlahla at birth, Nelson Mandela was born in a small village called Mvezo, South Africa. His  memoir, Long Walk to Freedom is  a must read. Portions of this book was written from prison. His bravery, countless sacrifices and commitment to end apartheid in South Africa has resulted in him being regarded as […] Read more…

10 Top Career Questions to ask a mentor

20 Top Career Questions To Ask A Mentor

Mentoring is a method used for transferring knowledge from one person to another. The mentee is the party receiving knowledge. The mentor imparts knowledge. It is fundamental to note that a mentor need not be someone who has years of experience in your field of interest. A mentor could be someone who is a few […] Read more…

How to prepare for a job change

How to Prepare for a Job Change

Job changes are inevitable. With time, we evolve and we grow. As part of your career development, it is vital that you are always preparing for a job change. The following are 6 steps to consider when preparing for a job change: Search for vacancies Research potential companies Review your current skills Update your resume […] Read more…

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