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Effective Study At Home Tips

10 Top Effective Study At Home Tips

Studying at home takes a lot of discipline as opposed to working in an environment such as your school, a co-working space or at a library. You may be required to study at home if you are a distance learning student. However, there may be circumstances where there is no other alternative but to study […] Read more…

How To Create Your Own Summer Internship

How To Create Your Own Summer Internship

In reality, every student seeking an internship will not get an opportunity. On the hand, landing an internship is no guarantee that you will get the hard skills that you are looking for to prepare you for your dream job. However, with the growth of the internet, students can now create their own internship. There […] Read more…

Prayer To Say Before An Exam

A Short Prayer to Say Before An Exam

Exam time is usually very stressful. However, you can rely on God for grace to preparation, clarity of thought and strength to face them all and come out on the other side successfully. Hereunder is a powerful prayer to say before an exam: Dear Heavenly Father, You are God! You are an excellent father. You […] Read more…

How To Stay Motivated In College

How To Stay Motivated In College

College is tough. Balancing classes, exams, projects and group assignments all within a deadline is taxing. In addition, there are usually on campus activities such as games and meet ups. The key to finishing your journey in college is to stay motivated. Hereunder are 10 things you can do to stay motivated in college: Prayer […] Read more…

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