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Inspirational Career Quotes for College Students

17 Inspirational Career Quotes for College Students

Below are 17 inspirational career quotes that will motivate you to keep going while balancing all the demands of college. It is not uncommon for college students to experience some form of burnout. Trust these inspirational quotes help you get through these moments. Career Quotes for College Students Knowledge is power (Sir Francis Bacon) Whatever […] Read more…

My Career Mistakes You Must Avoid

My Career Mistakes You Must Avoid

Career mistakes are an inevitable part of life.  No one gets it right every day and in every situation. This post is a very personal one.  It details things that I have done and the lessons I have learnt. It is my hope that through this blog post that you will not make these mistakes that […] Read more…

Theoretical Frameworks to choosing a career

5 Theoretical Frameworks to Choosing a Career

Finding your ideal career and your career path is a critical life decision. On average we spend a considerable portion of our lives working. It is therefore fundamental that we choose a career which fulfills our desires and brings happiness. Deciding on a suitable career path is a struggle for many individuals. Several researchers have […] Read more…

factors to consider when evaluating a job offer

7 Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Job Offer

Evaluating a job offer is a critical step towards employment.  As you grow in your career you should attempt to be intentional about career decisions. Ensure that your career goals clearly align with where you work. Make certain that the skills that you are acquiring are adequately preparing you for your next assignment. With the […] Read more…

Productivity Tips for College Students

12 Productivity Tips for College Students

College life is hectic with courses, classes, projects and  other life commitments. It is therefore essential that you examine ways to be productive. The following are 12 ways that you can consider to improve your productivity at college:- Identify and remove distractions Get a study area Prioritise Set deadlines Wake early Exercise Time blocking Planning […] Read more…

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