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Factors to consider when choosing a career

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your professional life. Therefore it is a decision that requires prayers, reflection and careful consideration as it affects the trajectory of your life. The following seven factors can act as a guide for selecting the career path most suitable for you. […] Read more…

What are Good Job Benefits

What are Good Job Benefits ?

Good job benefits are relative as this varies from person to person and organisation to organisation. It is essential that you are rewarded for your hard work. If you work for a company that demands you to work for long hours, good job benefits may look different.  A job with standard working hours will be […] Read more…

Practical Ways to Avoid Job Hopping

7 Practical Ways to Avoid Job Hopping

According to Tech Target, job hopping is a pattern of changing companies every year or two of one’s own volition rather than as a result of a layoff. Job hopping could be perceived in a negative way depending on the employer and the industry. Job hopping tends to occur when a person is unclear of […] Read more…

10 Tips for Young Person Starting in the Workplace

10 Tips for Young Persons Starting in the Workplace

Transitioning from a college environment into the workplace is an immense change. Therefore, as a young person preparation is necessary for the workplace. The following are 10 tips that a young person starting in the workplace should consider: Willingness to learn Recall Names Attention to details Avoid conflicts Develop communication skills Punctuality Attendance Do not […] Read more…

Why accounting is important in business

Why Accounting is Important in Business

According to Warren Buffet, accounting is the language of business. Therefore, a strong knowledge and understanding of accounting is important in business. Non accounting professionals need not acquire professional qualifications from bodies such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). However, they should seek to have a working understanding of accounting principles and practices. The […] Read more…

How to avoid college burnout

How to avoid college burnout

College life can be hectic! Balancing classes, with projects, assignments, group work and examinations with all the other demands of life can be stressful. Therefore managing college burnout is essential. The following are 5 ways that college students can avoid burnout: Planning Exercise Hobbies Sleep Getting Support Let’s take a closer look at each of […] Read more…

How to Gain Work Experience During College

How to Gain Work Experience During College

With the improvement in technology and development of artificial intelligence, gaining work experience during college is a necessity in career planning. Students need to start building a resume with real life work experience. The following are 6 ways that college students can gain work experience: On campus employment Internship Freelancing Start a blog Volunteering Job […] Read more…

The Importance of Creating a Career Vision

The Importance of Creating a Career Vision

Creating your career vision provides a roadmap which can assist in career clarity and direction. Without a vision, it is easy to deviate from your calling. Having a career vision provides a blueprint of where you like to go which will influence the paths you pursue. In addition, the years do go by very quickly […] Read more…

How to prepare for a job fair

How to Prepare for a Job Fair

A job fair is usually arranged by a company or organising body with the aim of connecting job seekers with employers. These can also be hosted by a college. The following are 9 steps that job seekers can take to prepare for a job fair: Research the company Update your resume Update your social media […] Read more…

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