The internet has opened the opportunity to access learning for free and at budget friendly prices.

Below is a list of 29 awesome free and budget friendly online learning platforms to support your career planning and development.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Udemy, Inc.

Let’s begin with my personal favourite online learning platform- Udemy. This platform has over 80,000 courses and over 24 million students. There is a diverse range of courses in numerous fields from cooking, cryptocurrency to blogging.

I have used Udemy courses to understand blogging concepts. I have also taken a few of their affiliate marketing, email marketing and cryptocurrency.

The site regularly offers promotions where courses can be accessed for deep discounted prices.


If you are looking for a new hobby, Bluprint is the perfect site to check out. Bluprint was previously known as Craftsy.

This site is primarily geared to craft education and offers courses in quilting, sewing, cooking, baking and knitting to name a few. There are classes that are permanently free on the site as well.


This learning platform offers a diverse range of classes. There are over 23,000 classes in various areas such as design, business, technology, photography and entrepreneurship.

It is free to join. I have seen opportunities for free access to the premium plan for over a two month period as a promotional offer.

Open Culture

This educational site is completely free and provides numerous courses, movies, text books, audio books and e-books.

Subject areas include foreign languages, economics, political science, computer science, busin ess and chemistry. Lectures can also be accessed on the site.


At Coursera, one can access courses for free from world class institutions such as Yale University, John Hopkins University and Stanford University.

For graded feedback or to earn a course certificate, a fee is required.


Founded in December 2012, FutureLearn offers free courses in areas such as business management, law, coding, creative arts and psychology from world class universities and cultural institutions.

Over eight million persons have registered for courses since the launch of its first course in September, 2013.


Udacity offers free online courses and nanodegrees in five programme areas.

These are school of artificial intelligence, school of data science, school of programming, school of autonomous systems and the school of business.

Nanodegrees are programmes where project completion is required and are delivered by industry experts.


Founded in Galway, Ireland in 2007 by Mike Feerick, Alison has over 12 million learners in 195 countries.

Courses are taught by world experts in technology, marketing, lifestyle, science and business.

Should you decide to graduate, certificates and diplomas can be accessed at a cost.

University of the People

This institution is the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online American University. There are students from 194 countries.

All students are expected to pay an initial application fee of USD$60 and a course assessment fee of USD$100 for the undergraduate programme.

This fee is USD$200 for graduate programmes. Fees are not requested upfront but is payable by the end of each exam period.

Therefore a student can earn an associate degree in two years for USD$2,060, a bachelor degree in four years for USD$4,060.

Graduate programmes such as the MBA can be completed in 15 months for USD$ 2,460 and M. Ed. can be completed in 17 months for USD$2,660.


This institution has over 14 million learners worldwide in over 1,900 subject areas. These include language, computer science, engineering, business and management.

Courses are offered through leading institutions such as Harvard and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

All courses can be audited for free. However, a minimum fee is required for a verified certificate.

There is a two week period after registration where a paid course can be downgraded.

World Mentoring Academy

World Mentoring Academy was founded in April 2010 by American Michael Williams. This institution offers free access to a collection of more than 20,000 online lectures from 840 universities.

Subject areas include medicine, humanities, biology, foreign languages and business.

Saylor Academy

Established since 2008, by Michael J Saylor, this academy offers nearly 100 free online courses at the college and professional level. Certificates of completion are provided free at cost.


If you are interested in a career in IT or cyber security then Cybrary is perfect for you. All courses are free.

There are nearly 2 million learners on this platform. Some of the top rated courses are in cryptography, CompTIA Security+ and penetration testing.


Online platform with free and paid course options in primarily business concepts and software technology.

Paid courses can be accessed as low as USD$9. Certificates are available upon completion.

Complexity Explorer

Complexity Explorer offers online courses and other educational materials related to complex sciences. 

Examples of courses offered are algorithmic information dynamics, nonlinear dynamics and introduction dynamical systems and chaos.

All material on the site is available freely. However, there are certain courses where a tuition fee is charged. No certificates are awarded. Scholarships are available.

Quantic School of Business and Technology

Online platform and career network where you can earn a free MBA in 9 months.

If you are selected for admission into the programme and a company within the network hires you, then the hiring company pays Smartly a fee.

Participants get the opportunity to engage with others through case studies and group projects. In addition, virtual and physical meet-ups are scheduled.

Aquent Gymnasium

Free online courses are offered on web development, design, user experience and content creation.

The Aquent page is where companies can find talent and job seekers can apply for available roles.


This platform has over 140 courses offered through leading universities in Australia. Free courses are available in foreign languages, technology, business and science.

Degree programmes are available at a cost through several universities in areas such as business, criminology and education.

Oxford Home Study College

This college is one of the UK’s leading institutions. The college offers free courses with certificates in areas such as hotel management, internet marketing, fashion design, travel and tourism and construction management.

These courses are all self-paced with no time restrictions to complete. There is a tutor available to support with grading submitted work and providing constructive feedback.

Registration is ongoing and course the duration is 20 hours.


Open Learn offers nearly 1000 free courses through The Open University in areas such as education, languages, business, science and politics.

You can earn a statement of participation for each course and some even allow you to earn a digital badge. This badge does not carry a formal credit towards a qualification.

Khan Academy

This academy offers educational material for both children and adults.

Lessons are offered on numerous subject areas such as biology, computer, animation, microeconomics and world history.


This site teaches coding for free and introduces users to skills such as mastering the language of the web and python fundamentals.

Academic Earth

Delivers free online college courses from universities such as Stanford University and Berkeley University of California.

Courses are available in subject areas such as business, chemistry and history.

This site allows you to download five e-books in several categories every month for free.

Categories of e-books include areas such as fitness, recipes, history, psychology, web design, business and self-improvement.

Textbook Revolution

This site was created by students to encourage the use of free educational books by teachers.

The site provides links and reviews of books which users can download on various subject areas.

Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses provides free access to introductory courses taught at Yale University. These courses are recorded at Yale classrooms and are available in video, audio and text formats.

Courses are available in chemistry, economics, environmental studies, Spanish and Portuguese.


TED-Ed offers videos on subject areas such as health, science and mathematics.

MIT OpenCourseWare

This site offers free access to courses in humanities, science and business.

Carnegie Mellon Opening Learning Intiative

This site offers courses in arts, humanities, science and business both free and also at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have discovered some free and budget friendly online learning platforms. Let me know what are your favourite platforms. Let’s sharpen each other.

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29 Awesome Free & Budget Friendly Online Learning Platforms

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