Once you have identified someone who you believe could be your perfect mentor, then next big step is to ask the individual. I have written a related article on how to find a mentor. Feel free to have a read of this article in case you have not yet found your mentor.

How to ask someone to mentor you ideally depends on the relationship that you have with them. If you are familiar with the individual a more informal approach will be acceptable. However, if it’s a stranger then a highly professional approach should be taken.

You can choose to approach your mentor either via phone or via email or LinkedIn.

How to introduce yourself to a mentor via telephone

Even if the prospective mentor is someone that you know or don’t know, a call is a nice first step to asking someone to be your mentor. A call gives a much more personal touch especially if it is an individual that you do not know.

As an example, suppose Jane wants to start a blog and she is looking for a mentor to help her get it off the ground. She knows John who has a successful blog. Her phone call could say something like:

Good Day John,

How are you doing today? This is Jane here. I am calling because I want to start a blog and I really admire what you have done with (name of the blog). If you have the time and you are available to help me, I will love to meet at your convenience to discuss my vision for the blog.

On the other hand, if it is someone that she does not have an established relationship she could say,

Dear John,

How are you doing today? My name is Jane Doe and I am a marketing student at XYZ University. I am calling today because my dream after graduation is to work in digital marketing.

To gain some practical experience in content marketing, I have decided that I want to start a blog. I have deep admiration for what you have done with (name of the blog). If you are available, I will be grateful if you can mentor me so that I can get my blog of the ground.

Let me know if we can meet for coffee or if I can come to your office at your convenience to discuss my vision for the blog.

Notice that if you do not know the individual you will need to take some more time explaining who you are. If the person, indicate that they are not available, then keep contacting someone else until you get a yes.

On the other hand, if the person expresses a willingness to help then on the call set up a time to meet.

A day before the actual meeting, send a follow up email just as a gentle reminder of the meeting.

Follow Up Email before Initial Meeting

Subject Line: Blogging Mentorship with Jane

Dear John,

Thank you for agreeing to mentor me as I start my blog. Is everything still okay on your end for us to meet tomorrow evening for coffee?


How to introduce yourself to a mentor via email

An alternative medium to ask someone to be your mentor is via email. Ideally, this medium is a lot more impersonal than a telephone call as a first point of contact.

Personally, I will limit this as the first point of contact except in the case that the individual is overseas or if you have admire the person online and want to reach out.

One main drawback of using email when contacting the individual for the first time is that the email could go into the spam folder. Therefore, the reader could miss the email entirely.

Imagine that you want to reach out to John for mentorship, you email can read like this:

How to ask someone to be your mentor via email sample

Subject Line: Blogging Mentorship-Jane Doe

Dear John,
My name is Jane Doe and I truly love all the work that you have done with (name of blog). It was very helpful to me when I decided to start dirt bike riding as a hobby.

I am a student at XYZ University and I am majoring in digital marketing. I have an interest in securing a job as a content marketer after graduation and I believe that starting a blog will help me prepare for this role.

I will be grateful if you can mentor me by providing me with tips so I can get my blog started. I am available via Skype should you be willing and able to assist. I am dedicated to building a successful blog and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Jane Doe

How to reach out to someone on LinkedIn for advice

If you are seeking a professional mentor, then LinkedIn could be place to meet a prospect. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that connects employers and job seekers.

If you identify someone who you believe could be a great mentor, the first step is to send a request to connect with the individual. Thereafter, get to know the individual via the platform.

If they publish articles via this channel, then provide a genuine useful comment. On the other hand, try to develop a relationship whether by congratulating them on work anniversaries or sending birthday request.

Only then, based on the relationship you have developed that you should reach out for professional advice and mentoring support.

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Final Thoughts

When someone agrees to mentor you, remember that they are sacrificing their time to share their knowledge with you. Therefore, ensure that you have a clear documented plan of what you will like to learn from them ahead of your first meeting.

In the example above, Jane should create a blog roadmap which should detail her blog vision, customer avatar, blogging niche and potential categories that she will like to write in.

This should be printed to present to the mentor at the first meeting if it is face to face. Alternatively, if the mentor is overseas, this should be emailed ahead of the first online meeting. The first conversation should be Jane walking through the plan with her mentor.

Her blogging roadmap need not be set in stone. However, it could help John to get quickly up to speed on Jane’s headspace and what she is looking to achieve. This will save time and show John that she is serious about starting a blog.

Trust this article provided useful information in the event that you are about to ask someone to mentor you. If you found this article helpful, I will be grateful if you can share it or leave a comment. For access to our free resource library with career templates, guides and checklists, click HERE to fill in the form. Thank you in advance for your support as I grow this blog.

How To Ask Someone To Mentor You


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