Job searching can be a roller coaster ride especially if the process is lengthy with tons of follow ups and call backs.

Staying positive is therefore key. Don’t lose focus and drive. One major advantage even though you may not see it is the gift of time. It is essential that you use this time wisely.

As you grow older and once you are hired, yes it will happen, you may never get the benefit and luxury of this time.

Your new life could be restricted by the demands of a job, family and life on a whole. The key thing is to stay busy and not waste the time.

While you don’t have an income, it is even more important to account for the free time that you have. This time has a high value. Worrying and being anxious will only make this period stressful and ultimately a waste of time.

The following are 6 ways that you can profitably use your time while you are job searching:

  • Refine your skills
  • Internship
  • Start a business
  • Look Ahead
  • Apply for a scholarship
  • Volunteering

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Refine your skills

Now that you are job searching, you will have various job descriptions for the roles that you are applying for. How does your skill compare to the skills required? Rate yourself against these skills and if you are not a ten being excellent in all of the skills then you have some work to do in refining your skills.

For example, being highly skilled in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint is required in almost every role and every field. Can you rate yourself as a ten in these?  If the answer is no, then this is one of the jobs that you should be doing at the moment.

Have you explored other newer tools of creating presentations like Google or Prezi? Again, if the answer is no then you need to further up-skill and diversify into these newer platforms.

Social media is very popular today with every company in each sector having a website and doing some type of content creation.  Do you understand how social media can be used in a business setting?

Are you skilled at all the different social media networking sites like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn?  Are you comfortable with WordPress and how to use it?

Do you have knowledge of more modern tools and software that businesses are now using? Are you familiar with productivitiy tools such as Asana and Trello?

Most of these tools have free version and you can get to try them out and understand how they work for free. Do you understand how to edit a video for You Tube? Are you a good writer, can you create a SEO friendly blog post?


At times, the best way to get a job is by taking an internship and getting your foot in the door. Even though internship does not pay as much or sometimes can be unpaid, these can be a huge stepping stone into getting a desired role.

 In addition, it could be a great source of experience and also networking where you could meet potential persons in your sector which can further open up opportunities so explore internships during this period.

Remember to work very very hard if this opportunity presents itself.

Start a business

With the gift of time and the information technology age, there is not a better opportunity to start a business which can be done with little or no start-up capital. Having time frees you up so that you can put the sweat equity into starting a business.

For example, you can start a blog. Blogging has proven to be very viable route for many persons to create a business. However, the set up process takes a lot of time. If you are interested in learning about blogging, there is a blogging quickstart guide in our free resource library. Feel free to click on the previous link to get this free guide.

Trust me; I am talking from first-hand experience setting up this blog. You can try out if blogging is right for you by posting on Medium. A blog is an asset even though it may not be generating revenue, it can be sold.

You can also consider other business models such as self-publishing an e-book and putting it on Amazon for sale.

A book is an asset and has opened up many doors for several individuals. Have you considered business models like affiliate marketing or selling products on Amazon?

These are all examples of great sources of passive income which if you do it well and build a solid foundation, you can set it up so that it runs as a great side hustle when you get the job.

In addition, if you have a skill you can do very well like graphic design or writing you can sell your services. and Upwork are websites which many persons have built successful businesses on their own selling their services via these sites.

A great example of a person who did not have job when she graduated from college and is now a huge  Instagram Star, Claudia Oshry of Girl with no job. Claudia, as Girl with no job has built an online empire with over 3 million Instagram followers. She works along with her sisters on several different projects.

One major benefit to starting a business is it enhances your resume. A potential may view you as a go-getter and self-starter which are essential soft skills.

Look Ahead

Dream about all the things that you may want to do in the future! Examples of these include buying a house or jobs that you will like to have in five years.

There is no better time to build these skills and plan ahead. Do you want to better your make up skills? Now is a great time for you to practice, practice and practice.

Do you want to build a house in the future? Well create a Pinterest board with ideas.  Look at HGTV to get a bit of an idea of what styles and designs you like.

In the future, your taste could change but at least you have a starting point. When the time comes for you to make these plans you can go back to previous inspiration.

Attend a few open houses if you can. Remember it’s free to look.  You can even do a further deep dive into areas that you may want to live. When the time comes you have a better idea of what you want.

You may want to make investments in the future in stocks, bonds and shares. Have you considered Bitcoin and researched Cryptocurrency to understand this market? Udemy is a great resource on courses on Cryptocurrency that you can take as an introduction into this.

Have you also dreamt about roles that you will like to see yourself doing in five years’ time? Can you start even though you may not have the skills, money and even qualifications to start thinking about these?

In addition, ensure and start saving job profiles for these roles. This is essential so that you are clear on what skills you need to grow into this role.

This will give you a huge advantage as you will have direction on what’s next once you start working. For example once you have settled and saved some funds, what courses or classes you may need to take to grow into this role.

Apply for a scholarship

I know that you may not be too happy with the idea of going back to school but this could be a great stepping stone.

An overseas opportunity in a country where you have the option of working after graduation may open many doors. There are some countries where you may be able to work twenty hours a week as a student which could be a start into the working world.


This is another great opportunity to develop skills in an area of interest. There are usually many organisations that need the help of volunteers.

Try and get an opportunity to volunteer in a field that you may want to work in as this could also be transferred to your resume.  There may be the potential that you could meet someone who can connect you to your dream role.

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Final Thoughts

Staying positive during job search can be tough. However, it is important to release things that did not go the way you may have wanted it.

Forget about the interview that you went on and you did not get the job. Move forward from all the cover letters and resumes that you have sent out that did not materialise. Dwelling on the past and what did not work in the past will only be a stumbling block to the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Bishop T D Jakes has an inspiration sermon called your downtime is your prep time. You should view this time as space that you have been given to improve in all areas of your life.

I know it’s easy to get discourage but try to see all the opportunities that you can gain using the time. Perhaps in years to come you may look back on this period of your life as a blessing in disguise.

If you found this article helpful, I will be grateful if you can share it and leave a comment. For access to our free resource library with career templates, guides and checklists, click HERE to fill in the form. Thank you advance for your support as I grow my blog.

How To Stay Positive During Job Search

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