Life is filled with many unforeseeable circumstances. Losing your job suddenly is definitely one of these situations. However according to Albert Einstein, in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.

Hereunder are 10 Things to do if you lose your job suddenly:-

Stay Calm

Trust me, I know that this one is a tough thing to do. However, if your first response is to get flustered, you could make some detrimental life decisions. Job loss could bring on anxiety and stress. So, do whatever you like to do that helps you to stay grounded. This could be taking a walk, reading an inspirational book or listening to music.

Give yourself time to vent, and adjust to the situation. However, it is also critical as well that you stay calm so you can think clearly to put an effective plan in place to manage your circumstances.


Losing your job could come as a total shock. However, this situation is no surprise to your heavenly father. Spend some time in prayer and cry out to the Lord. Ask him to show you his divine will and purpose in this season.

You being laid off could be God’s opportunity to shift your career in a new direction that you never dream off. So spend some time in pray seeking God for the next steps of your career.

Ask For Reference

In the event that the company is closing down or you are being laid off, ask the company to provide you with a letter. Ensure the letter states your previous role, some of your past accomplishment and explains that you are being laid off. This letter could be valuable for your future job search.

In addition, obtain copies of your training records if your company provides these. If possible get these documents in multiple copies.

Revamp Your Budget

Losing a stream of income will have a ripple effect on your disposable funds. Therefore, revisit your budget and look for areas where you can make cuts now that you are unemployed. Furthermore, if you have loans reach out to financial institutions as they may be able to relax your loan repayment facility to give you some space to get back on your feet.

If you are a student, speak to your school to find out if there is any grant or funding that you can access as a student. Seek financial help from every possible avenue that you can so you can stretch your savings.

Consider Unemployment Benefits

If your country has benefits that you can access as you are unemployed, then contact the relevant agencies to file for benefits. This will help you ease the financial burden during this season.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Review and update your LinkedIn profile to ensure that it is properly optimized. Ensure and reach out to previous managers and colleagues who can leave a positive review on your profile. The sooner you complete this, the better. As time passes, it could become much more difficult to reach past colleagues.

Revisit Your Career Vision

There is no better time to reflect and revisit your career vision as when you lose your job. You now have some free time. Use this time to pray and ask God for guidance as you start searching again.

Where does he want you to serve and what role will he allow you to have. There is a free career vision workbook available in our career resource library which you may find useful. Click HERE to access our career library.

Begin Job Search

Reach out to your network as well as search on career websites, local newspaper and on social media for jobs that align with your purpose.

Job searching process could be long so it is important that you remain positive and never give up throughout the process. There are numerous resources such as resume templates and job interview tips available in our free career resource library which can help your job search. Click HERE to access these for free.

Upgrade Your Skills

There is no better time to upgrade your skills than when you are not working. Complete your own career evaluation and learn a new skill. There are many tutorials available on You Tube which you can access for free.

In addition there are a plethora of free and budget friendly online learning platforms where you can learn a new skill or refine an existing one. So, take full advantage of this time and use it wisely.

Start a Business

Think about the skills that you have. Are you good at writing? Maybe you can consider kindle publishing as a means to earn an income online. You may also fancy starting a blog. Can you do makeup very well? Then starting a You Tube channel and sharing your expertise on this platform could be a means to starting your own business.

Therefore, take some time and assess what skills you have that you may be able to monetize. Think about things that friends and family always ask you to help them with. We all have something that we can do well. So take some time and reflect on what skills you have that you can earn a living from.

Final Thoughts

Job loss is not easy. However, in the midst of it new doors can be opened. It is important that during this season that you remain calm so that you can plot and execute your next career steps wisely.

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10 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job Suddenly


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