Mentoring is a relationship where knowledge transfer occurs between two persons. Usually the mentor is the party who imparts the information.

The mentee is the individual seeking to acquire knowledge. Mentoring is a valuable tool that can be used to advance your career.  A mentor need not be an expert in your field but anyone a few steps ahead of you can provide valuable training and development.

Maintaining a mentor-mentee relationship with more than one person could be extremely beneficial. Different persons could provide varied perspectives on the same subject which could be to your advantage.

The following are 6 valuable benefits of mentoring that can advance your career.

  • Job opportunities
  • Training
  • Sounding board
  • Networking
  • Personal development
  • Job Reference

Job Opportunities

Having a mentor who has extensive knowledge and experience in your industry may possibly know vacancies that exist within various companies.

Even better, if persons may reach out to him or her if they are looking to hire a resource. This may benefit you immensely as you are close to someone who is aware of job vacancies within your industry.


A mentor can add significant value to train you on areas that you are weak in and also further refine the areas in which you are strong.

This will add significant value to your career as you can now critically focus on the areas that you need to improve.

The one to one environment of a mentor can provide a more conducive atmosphere to ask many questions. This one to one coaching may not be available in a busy workplace from a manager.

Sounding Board

A mentor can be a great sounding board where you can feel safe to share your challenges, weaknesses and frustrations in an effort to get constructive feedback.

Independent perspective on situations can do a world of good. This may assist with bringing to the surface solutions to a problem that you may have overlooked or an alternative path to a frustrating issue.

Mentors can be great motivators and confidence boosters.


A mentor usually has a broader range of contacts and associates and can introduce you to persons within the sector that you may not have previously known.

The time that this process could have taken you on your own to meet and connect with others could be monumental.

If your mentor is well connected, your connection to him/her could make your acceptance easier in professional circles.

Personal Development

Normally a mentee-mentor relationship is symbiotic. This means that as a mentee you do not only gain training and guidance from your mentor but the mentor gains something from you.

It is important that you understand how you impact your mentor. Knowledge of this can help you understand yourself better and identify your strengths.

It could also highlight areas that you can further develop as you may not even see these strengths yourself. Therefore within this relationship be sure to always know what impact the relationship has on your mentor as well.

Mentorship could also help the mentee develop other skills such as speaking up and taking ownership for his/her career advancement.

Job Reference

A mentor can be an excellent person to be a job reference for your future career moves. 

This reference can be extremely valuable in instances where the mentor is respected and well-known in the field.

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Final Thoughts

Mentors can truly be an asset to your career. I believe even though you have a mentor who may be able to provide you with guidance that could advance your career that you should always always trust your gut.You are in control of how you want your life story to unfold.

I have received amazing advice from mentors that has resulted in some of the best decisions of my career. On the other hand,

I have also trusted my gut and went against guidance received in certain instances. Even in those cases, it has worked out fine for me. The quandary is deciding when to follow the mentor and knowing when to trust your heart.

At times if your career decisions require a great dose of courage, your heart could tell you to run in the opposite direction. A mentor could be that voice of encouragement that pushes you into a great opportunity.

Despite these two different points of view, ultimately I believe how you proceed with advancing your career is a major life decision. This should be tackled prayerfully first and seek council if required thereafter from a mentor.

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