College is tough. Balancing classes, exams, projects and group assignments all within a deadline is taxing.

In addition, there are usually on campus activities such as games and meet ups. The key to finishing your journey in college is to stay motivated.

Hereunder are 10 things you can do to stay motivated in college:


Take time daily to pray and commit everything that you do before God. Rely on his strength and wisdom to help you make the right decision.

God knows what is best and he is your help. He can give the grace, patience, resources and whatever else you need to survive the journey.

If you are writing exams, there is a short prayer that you can say on the blog. Feel free to click the previous link.

Focus on Your Why

Know your vision and be clear on why you are in college. If you are there only because your parents or guardian insist that you go , then it’s easy to get demotivated.

However, if you have clear career goals and you are sure of what you will like your life to look like in years to come then this will keep you motivated.

Create a career vision board and keep it in a place where you can see it often. I have written a post on 10 questions to ask yourself when creating a career vision board which you may find helpful.

Keeping your vision top of mind will help you to stay motivated during the tough moments.

Positive Self Talk

Talk to yourself. Practice positive self-talk. Keep inspirational quotes near to help you to say motivated.

The Book of Proverbs chapter 18 verse 21 states that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Therefore, let your lips speak life even on days when you are exhausted, tired and mentally drained.

There are motivational biblical resources in our free career resource library. Click HERE to access these for free.

Have A Hobby

Hobbies can help you break the monotony of the college environment. Explore what your interests are and find a way to relax your mind. Many colleges have clubs and societies that you can consider joining.

In addition, you can use your hobby to complement your studies. Hobbies can even serve as a means of career exploration and kick start your career

As an example, if you are a marketing student, a hobby such as blogging can help you develop skills that can help you in the workplace. Some hobbies can even make you money which could lead to a full time career after college.

If you are interested in starting a blog, there is short quickstart guide found in our free career resource library. Click HERE to access for free.

Having a profitable side hustle has so many advantages. There is nothing better than having an additional source of income. Find something that you enjoy doing and use it as a means to re-energize. This can help you stay motivated.


In addition to picking up a hobby, networking and connecting with other likeminded individuals can be a source of motivation. Colleges usually have clubs where you can meet other students.

You may be able to get study partners from networking who may be able help you in areas that you do not understand. This will help you to better deal with your workload.


One of the main reasons for individuals being demotivated in college is that they are overwhelmed. There is a lot to accomplish and this must be done within a certain time period.

Planning therefore is fundamental to ensure that you are on track to meet your deadlines. There are tools that you can use to stay organized in college. These include Trello, Asana or simple Google calendars and Google sheets.

Explore these methods and see what works best for you. However, effective planning is critical. If you are on track and on top of your work, you are likely to be more motivated.

Surround Yourself With Positive Persons

Get your family and close friends to keep you motivated during your journey. They may even be able to provide support you with tasks such as cooking and washing.

Do not be afraid to ask for support and tap into the support of your loved ones. They can definitely keep you motivated while you are at college.


Maintain a regular schedule where you exercise. Exercising will help you stay healthy as well as provide you with energy so that you are productive during college.

It nourishes your brain and can improve your memory. The healthier and more energized you are, all factors remaining equal the happier you will be.


Sleep deprivation is common problem for college students. Usually college students struggle with studying, homework and getting great grades. As a result, getting adequate rest tends to fall on the back burner.

As a student, if you are not sleeping well you are likely to be tired and exhausted. Sleep is important to ensure that you brain clears itself.

Adequate sleep is important for your decision making and improves your memory. Better sleep will help you to have better grades and hence stay motivated.

Reward Yourself

Create a system for rewarding yourself for achieving certain goals. It could be a simple goal such as watching a certain TV show.

On the other hand, it could be more elaborate like going to a party on the weekend. Find something nice that you really want to have and reward yourself for meeting these goals.

Final Thoughts

According to Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. One critical ingredient to surviving and thriving in college is to stay motivated.Trust this post provides you with helpful tips to stay positive and motivated throughout college.

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How to Stay Motivated In College

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