Personality traits on a resume are just as critical as the education and experience that you possess. There are usually many individuals vying for the same role.

The competition tends to be stiff for entry level positions. One key differentiator that can sway a hiring manager to recruit one candidate over the other is personality traits.

Hereunder are 10 top personality traits to put on your resume:

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate orally and in writing is a valuable skill to have to an employer. Most interoffice business communication today is via email.

On the other hand, active listening is important to glean what is being stated and how to respond.

Interpersonal Skills

No employer wants an employee who is always in constant conflict with colleagues, managers and partners.

There is hardly ever a job where you do not have to work along with another individual. The ability to work harmoniously with others is a skill that will be greatly valued.

Problem Solving Skills

Things will always go wrong. You can count on it. An employer will view an individual who is able to solve problems independently and speedily as a valuable asset to the business.


This is the ability to take the lead in an area without being asked. Sometimes in an organisation there may be a task that no one owns. 

There are also ad hoc projects that comes up from time to time. Being willing to take the lead without being asked is a trait that employers love.


Creativity involves approaching a task from an innovative angle. Exploring alternative ways to tackle both new and existing tasks is a trait that employers will value.

In addition, you can become a priceless to a business if you creativity leads to revenue growth, cost savings or process improvement.


Information that you come into contact within the company must remain confidential during the employment of the company. 

This also extends to after your employment. Depending on certain industries and roles, confidentiality is even more important.

These roles include any jobs that interface with customer data and customer belongings. As an example, a bank clerk will need to exercise confidentiality when handling customer’s cheques.

Can Do It Attitude

Confidence in the business and in your ability will help you excel at any organisation. Approaching difficult and new tasks from a can do it perspective will help you stand out in the workplace.

If your positive personality can motivate and inspire others to do and achieve more, then this could elevate you quickly in the company.


No job description can be extensive. There will be tasks and projects that will come up from time to time that require your support.

Being flexible is a trait that your employers will appreciate as there may be seasons of the business where you may need to pull more than your share.

There may be days when you need to work late. A colleague may get sick. Other days may require an early start.

Your willingness to go the extra mile when required will be trait valued by the employer.


Trust is very important part of most jobs. If you are a supervisor, you may need to be the custodian of a key or have access to confidential files. If you are a cashier, your role requires handling a large volume of cash.

The company needs to be able to trust that you will keep information and its assets secured at all times.


To achieve goals in the workplace requires dedication and commitment. Some projects may require consistent effort over a very long period of time.

There may be situations where you are required to start work early or work on a weekend to meet a target to meet a very tight deadline. An unexpected board mandate project may come up,

Your employer will value your dedication in these instances to ensure that the task is completed usually under extreme pressure.

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Final Thoughts

Personality traits are what makes employers prefer to work with one individual over another. Consider integrating a few of these traits that is suitable to the role that you are applying for when completing your next resume.

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Top Personality Traits To Put On Your Resume

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