Life is filled with many unpredictable moments and losing your job is definitely one of them. However, in the midst of this season, God is still in control.

Hereunder is power prayer that you can say after losing your job:-

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for everything. I give you praise because you are a good God. There is no other God that can be compared with you. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. I am grateful that I can come to you in every situation even the tough ones. You are a true father and wonderful friend.

Father, I have suddenly lost my job. The unexpected changes in the economic environment now mean that I am out of work. Daddy, this is a shocking situation to me, but it is not a surprise to you. Honestly father, I am a bit nervous about my career and my future. Please help me to stay calm. Grant me stillness, supernatural favour and a peace that can only come from you. I know that in the midst of this chaotic situation that your plans for me are still good.

So father show me how you will like me to navigate this unchartered season. Direct my steps so that I find a new job quickly and speedily. If not a job Lord, by your divine power reveal to me a profitable business idea that may be able to take care of my family.

Father, your word says that we should cast our cares on you for you care for us. I lay this care at your feet and I am humbly begging you to meet my need.

Lord, I pray that through this situation that you will give me a new song of praise that I can sing and I will be able to help others trust you more. I will testify of how you provided for me in tough economic times. Father, thank you, thank you so much, thank you Lord ! In Jesus name, Amen.

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Final Thoughts

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A Powerful Prayer After Losing Your Job

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