Exam time is usually very stressful. However, you can rely on God for grace to preparation, clarity of thought and strength to face them all and come out on the other side successfully.

Hereunder is a powerful prayer to say before an exam:

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are God! You are an excellent father. You are sovereign. You are omniscient. You are in control. There is no other God that is stronger, more powerful and wiser. You are the creator of the universe; the master of everything.

Father, I come before you as I prepare for my upcoming examination in (state the subject area/s). Lord you know the topics that are on the exam paper. You know the areas that I need to focus on in order to ace the examination.

Direct my steps. Guide my thoughts. Grant me clarity of mind. Help me to focus while I study. Bring back to my memory all that I have learnt during my classes. Reveal to me what steps I need to take to be productive with my time.

On the day of the exam, please give me calmness like no other. Still my nerves. Grant me whatever I need so that I will correctly interpret the question on the exam paper. Order each and every one of my steps during the preparation and writing of the examination.

Lord I believe by faith that you will help me to have a successful exam. I will not fail to give you all the glory and honour because my success is for your glory. Just continue to be with me. In Jesus Name. Amen

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Final Thoughts

If you are seeking a short but powerful prayer to say as you prepare for your examination, feel free to make this prayer your prayer.

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A Short Prayer To Say Before An Exam

2 comments on “A Short Prayer to Say Before An Exam”

  1. Before my examination, I always pray to the Lord. I am always positive because I know that God is with me at all times, and I will use this prayer if I take another examination. Thank you, and God bless.

    • Glad that you were blessed.

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