Job interviews can bring on a lot of nerves and anxiety. It is therefore important that you be still and place the entire meeting into the hands of the Lord.

He already knows the outcome and his strength is best in moments when we are weak.

Hereunder is a comforting prayer that you can say before a job interview:

Dear Father,

It’s always a privilege to talk to you. Thank you for being a faithful, loving father and friend. I know that you are concerned with every single detail of my life. Your word says that I can cast my burdens on you for you care for me.

I thank you today for the opportunity to interview for the role of (insert position). Lord you know that I am excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. However, you have this moment in your hands.

Lead and guide my preparation process, O Lord. Help you to prepare along the same lines of the questions that they will ask. Show me which areas of the company that I should focus on during my research of the company.

Highlight my shortcomings during my mock interview. Grant me divine favour through the interview process. Help me to have the appropriate examples to share with the interviewing panel.

Guide my speech so that it will be clear and delivered with confidence. Remove any trace of fear, nerves and shyness in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I want to be in your will. So if this job is not a role that you will want me to walk into, please shut this door. Quiet my heart and help me to be still.

I commit my whole preparation and the interview process into your hands. Thank you for giving me calmness and peace.

In Jesus Name,

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Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a prayer to say as you prepare for your job interview and you are uncertain of what to say, feel free to use this prayer or portion of it and make it yours.

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A Comforting Prayer That You Can Say Before A Job Interview

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