As believers in Jesus Christ, where we work is directly tied to our purpose and where we are supposed to serve.
Therefore, the best thing to do when seeking a new job is to pray.

Hereunder is a prayer that you can say if you are seeking a new job:

Dear Father,

I thank you that I can always come to you. I am so grateful for the assurance that you hear me when I call. You are concerned about every single detail in my life. You have created me.

You are an excellent father and friend. I just love you so much for all that you have done for me. I worship and praise you from the depths of my heart.

Father, your word said that I can cast all my cares on you for you care for me. You are my burden bearer. For this i give you the praise. My dear father, I am currently doing the role of (name of job) at (name of company).

I feel that I am not utilised to my maximum potential. The role does not make great use of my degree in engineering and I come before you today seeking help in finding a new job.

Lord, you are my source and my provider. Your word said that promotion does not come from the east or from the west but it comes from you. So father, grant me favour today I pray. I commit my job search before you.

I place every aspect of my preparation, resume writing, cover letter writing and search for job references into your hands.

Order my steps. Lead me to the appropriate vacancy O Lord. Show me where you will like me to serve for your honour and for your glory. Father, I do have some frustrating moments at my current job.

So, give me strength that I will perform my role with diligence and excellence even in the midst of this season.

I thank you dear father for hearing my prayer.

In Jesus Name,

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Final Thoughts

Searching for a new job is an important life decision. If you are down and searching for a prayer to say in this season of your life, feel free to make this prayer yours.

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A Heartfelt Prayer For A New Job

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