The word of God says in Matthew chapter 5 verse 9 blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God.

Hereunder is a powerful prayer for peace:-

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for everything. You are God and there is no other God like you. Thou art creator, provider, my rock, deliverer and my defense.

Lord, I come before you asking for peace. You are the prince of peace. You are never in the midst of disunity. Grant me strength to be a light in this circumstance. Give me words of wisdom so that I can be a solution to the problem.

Your word says in Matthew chapter 12 verse 25 that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Comfort the parties who are hurting and mend the hearts of those who grieve and are broken-hearted.

I cast all my cares upon you and rest my fears, worries and concern at your feet. Thank you for solving my problems, fighting my battles, hearing my prayers and for peace.

In Jesus Name, Amen !

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Final Thoughts

If you are seeking a short but heartfelt prayer for peace, feel free to make this prayer yours. If this article was a blessing, I will be grateful if you share it and leave a comment. Thank you in advance for your support as I grow my blog.

A Heartfelt Prayer For Peace

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