Prayer is an important area for the life of every believer in Jesus Christ and a journal is a great tool to use as part of your daily prayer life.

Hereunder are 4 great reasons for keeping a prayer journal:

To Talk to God

Prayer is talking to God. Some persons are better at communicating orally while others may be better able to speak in writing. A prayer journal gives you a place where you can freely pour out your heart and spirit to God in prayer.

To Hear From God

Prayer is not only talking to God but listening to what he has to say back to you. After you and I have shared what is on your heart, take some moments to listen.

God may bring a verse of scripture to mind or put a song in your spirit. A journal provides a place where you can record what God has laid on your heart in these moments of prayer.

Write Your Vision

You can use your prayer journal as a place to set your goals whether you make them quarterly or yearly. Since your prayer journal is tool that you are using regularly, it is a great place to record your vision so that you see them often.

The bible in the book of Habbakuk tells us to write the vision and make it plain. It is important to record your vision and dreams. If you do not take the time to write the vision, it is easy to forget it. There is no better place to record a vision that in a prayer journal.

Recall God’s Goodness

There are some seasons of life that can be taxing. In those seasons keeping a journal where you can review and remember what God has done for you in the past can act as a source of motivation and encouragement.

In those moments, your faith can be easily strengthened through reviewing your former vision and seeing how the Lord worked in times past. The importance of recalling God’s goodness to the children of Israel is one of the main themes of the book of Deuteronomy.

There are main verses where Moses reminded the children of Israel to remember the goodness of God, to keep them always in their hearts and to teach it to their children and children’s children.

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Final Thoughts

A prayer journal is a powerful tool that you can use as part of your daily communion with God. It provides a place where you can record your goals, visions, dreams as well as a helpful tool in enriching your faith.

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The Importance of Keeping A Prayer Journal

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