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Stressful work challenges will present themselves ever so often. It is an inevitable part of life. Therefore, we need to rely on God’s strength and wisdom to assist you and I with handling these matters with prudence.

Hereunder is a prayer that you can say if you have workplace stress:

Dear Father,

I come before you today. You are the only true and living God. There is none like you. You are a good father. Everything that I have is a gift from you.

I worship you today for all that you have blessed me with. Thank you for providing with a job so that I can earn a living to take care of my family.

Father, every job that I hold is for a purpose. And I know that it is your will that I represent you where I am. Lord, I bring the matter concerning ( State the Matter) on the job.

Father, you know how this situation is a great source of stress for me. Going to work everyday , father is tiring and at times I feel that I cannot bear this situation any longer.

But you oh Lord are a God of peace. You are able to make crooked paths straight. You can cause all my enemies to be at peace with me. You oh Lord are the one from who my strength comes from. My help in every situation comes from you.

Father, intervene in this situation. Give me wisdom and understanding that I may handle each and every encounter with prudence and diligence. Grant me clarity of thought that I may say only what you will have me to say. Let everything that I do be spirit led.

Reveal to me oh father, if this is a sign that I need to change jobs or consider a new career path. Lord I always want to be in your will. Please order my steps. Help me to never lean unto my own understanding.

Lord thank you for your assistance in this matter. If there is anything that I need to change on my end that could solve this situation, speak to my heart and show it to me.

Take not your spirit from me Oh Lord. Continue to be with me and guide me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing challenges on the job and you find yourself in a stressful situation, I trust that you make this prayer yours.

God is more than able to turn every situation in your life around. He is able to do exceeding more than we ask or think. Remember to keep praying, keep your eyes on God, have faith and stand still.

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A Powerful Prayer That You Can Say When You Have WorkPlace Stress

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