Job changes are inevitable. With time, we evolve and we grow. As part of your career development, it is vital that you are always preparing for a job change.

The following are 6 steps to consider when preparing for a job change:

  • Search for vacancies
  • Research potential companies
  • Review your current skills
  • Update your resume and cover letter
  • Update social media profiles
  • Identify potential references

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Search for vacancies

While this may be obvious, one of the first steps is reaching out to potential contacts. Review your network and let them know that you are searching for a new role. If you are in a current employed, this needs to be managed discreetly.

Begin following Facebook pages which promote job vacancies. Visit popular job sites to view what roles are available.

Research potential companies

Once you have begun looking at companies where your skillset may be suited, start by researching these companies. Social media pages and company websites are important sources for information. is a great site to check out as it also provides employee reviews. Additionally, this website gives you an idea of salary ranges. This information collected can help you make an initial decision as to whether the company is a potential fit.

Review your current skills

Perform a critical review of your current skillsets. Searching for job vacancies will also help you in identifying what skillsets that companies in your industry are looking for.

This will assist you in identifying skills gap. At this stage, you may be able to put a more realistic plan in place with timelines for your job change.

You may discover that at your current level that you can move immediately. However, you may realize that there are gaps for which you should put together an action plan.

So the critical questions that you will have to answer includes can you move in six months or in one year time? Do you need to get an additional degree? Should you consider enlisting the support of a mentor? Do you need to complete a training programme?

Udemy is an incredible online learning platform with courses available in several fields at an affordable price. There are also several other free and budget friendly online websites where you can access a wide range of training courses.

Update your resume and cover letter

After assessing your current skillset, ensure that your resume is up to date. Include any training which may be directly applicable to roles that you are applying for.

Also be sure to have a cover letter template ready. Your cover letter will need to be tailored for most if not all the different roles that you are applying for. Having a template will make this process smoother.

Update social profiles

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Get a professional picture taken as well ask for references from colleagues or previous employers to enhance your profile.

Review all other social media channels and remove any images that could potentially be a poor representation of you. Nowadays, social media is an important aspect of your character reference check. Therefore, check that your profile presents a great representation of you and your brand.

Identify potential references

Identify potential job references and reach out to them. You may require professional references quickly if an opportunity presents itself. It is also advisable to draft your letter of reference sample for each of your referee.

This will reduce the effort of your referee to an edit as oppose to constructing a letter from scratch. This can be helpful in instances where your referee have a hectic schedule.

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Final Thoughts

Job change is an important part of your career growth. Therefore preparation needs to be continuous to ensure that you are planning your transitions.

If you are always preparing, then you are ready to take advantage of opportunities at any time.

Keep an eye on vacancies in your industry at all times. This will ensure that you are continuously assessing your skills against the market and managing your career development.

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How to Prepare For A Job Change

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