A job fair is usually arranged by a company or organising body with the aim of connecting job seekers with employers. These can also be hosted by a college.

The following are 9 steps that job seekers can take to prepare for a job fair:

  • Research the company
  • Update your resume
  • Update your social media pages
  • Prepare an elevator pitch
  • Complete a mock interview
  • Dress professionally
  • Be present
  • Time management
  • Follow Up

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Research the company

Usually you will know the company or group of companies that will be present at the job fair prior to the event.

Therefore, be sure to research the company by visiting social media pages and website to learn about the company, its history and current projects.

Also be sure to research who the human resource manager is and also review his/her LinkedIn profile as there is a good chance that this may be your interviewer at the job fair.

During your research, document any questions that you may have about the company. This may give you an edge as it may demonstrate a greater interest in the role.

Update your resume

Ensure that your resume is up to date with all your current work experiences, training and educational accomplishments.

Be sure and print out several copies of your resume for easy circulation. Have a binder which you can carry in your hand with your resume inside as this will give you a professional appearance.

Update your social media pages

Update your social media pages as a potential employer may research you further on social media if they are impressed with the face to face meeting. 

Therefore be sure and update your LinkedIn page and review all your social media channels to ensure that images on your page are a good professional representation of yourself and your brand.

Prepare an elevator pitch

Prepare and practice an elevator pitch where you can easily introduce yourself and say what you can offer in a clear and concise way.

Complete a mock interview

Mock interviews can help you prepare for a job fair by going over answers to popular interview questions.

Job Interviews can be nerve racking and at job fairs you usually have a small window of opportunity to make a lasting impression as the employer can be distracted by the line filled with other candidates.

Practice with a member of your family or even by looking in the mirror to ensure that you can confidently present yourself.

Dress professionally

Be sure and dress professionally as if you were attending a job interview.

Be present

Ensure that you are alert and present for the duration of the job fair. Eliminate anything that could distract you from focusing on your meetings such as your mobile phone. If you are carrying a phone, ensure it is on silent for the duration of the job fair.

Treat every interaction even with other job seekers as a professional interaction as employers could also be observing your personality while at the venue.

Time management

Job fairs can be hectic as these events are usually crowded. According to William Camden, the early bird catches the worm.

Therefore, try to arrive early to beat the crowds and you may also depending on the venue get the opportunity to interact with potential employers before the fair commences which can work to your advantage.

Also, be strategic when choosing your queues and select the jobs that you are most intrigued with first and leave the ones that you are least interested in if you have any remaining time.

Follow Up

According to Bill Bradley, ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

At job fairs, an employer usually has a limited number of vacancies versus the number of potential candidates interviewed.

Following up after the job fair can indicate to the employer that you are serious and interested in the role. This can give you an edge over other qualified candidates who only interacted with company at the job fair.

Be sure and collect business cards of the persons that you meet so that you can follow up after the job fair on the vacancy.

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Final Thoughts

Job fairs are a great way that you can connect with prospective employers. Hope these steps support your preparation process so you can shine at your next job fair.

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How to prepare for a job fair

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