Job searching is a vital part of your career and must be approached with planning and diligence. Preparation is essential to ensure that you are hired.

Loving the job that you do can make even the most challenging days enjoyable as at the end of the day you are having fun.

The following are 10 things that you should consider when preparing for a job search:

  • Prayer
  • Reflection
  • Update your resume and cover letter
  • Make contact with potential references
  • Review companies in your field
  • Complete mock interviews
  • Reach out to others
  • Get professional wear
  • Review and update social media
  • Stay positive

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


Deciding where you will like to work is a critical life decision as you will spend a large portion of your day for five or even six days each week at the organisation. Hence, this decision should not be taken lightly.

Getting guidance from God is fundamental to ensure that you are clear on what he will like you to accomplish and where you should serve.

Proverbs chapter 3 vs 5-6 states that we should trust in the lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

When preparing to job search be sure and ask God for his direction in your undertaking.


Reflect on your career vision, career goals, past experiences and current skillsets.

This will allow you identify roles that are most suitable for you to fill and also highlight any gaps whether in your past experience or current skillset so you can create a plan to tackle any deficiencies.

For example, do you need to take a course to brush up on a skill or are you completely lacking a skill that you require for your ideal role?

Udemy is a great resource where you can get courses in almost every professional area. There are several other free and budget friendly online learning websites which can assist you in polishing your skills.

Is your job search in line with your career vision? I know at times that you may not get an ideal role that matches your vision but even if it is not a perfect match, can it later compliment your vision?

Taking time to reflect will give you the opportunity to properly plan a list of your ideal companies which you can immediately target once the application process commences.

Update your resume and cover letter

Update your resume and ensure that the details are clear and summarises your education and employment history.

Take a few days to update so as to ensure that the details are accurate as you more than likely will forget some key pointers especially if you have not updated your resume in a long time.

In addition, send your resume to other professionals who you know who can provide constructive feedback.

Prepare a cover letter template which you can easily tweak. However, kindly note that each application will require its own cover letter to ensure that it matches the requirements in the job vacancy.

Make contact with potential references

While preparing for your job search is it critical that you have make contact with prospective references to confirm if they are willing and available to provide you with a job reference

Ideally, you should have about three to four persons on standby to provide you with a letter of reference. Usually a company may ask for three references at most.

However, it would not hurt having an extra person just in the evident that one reference is not readily available.

Also, consider drafting letter of references for each of these individuals and have them vet and approve it. This will be helpful especially if your referee has a busy life.

Once the letter of reference is required, it will only be a matter of a print and sign off.

Review companies in your field

Review potential companies that you may be willing to work for and do some homework before sending in your application.

You can commence by reviewing the company website, social media pages, other websites that provide company reviews such as and asking persons you may know about their experience working with the organisation.

Receiving feedback whether from reviews and from employees within the organisation should also considered with extreme caution especially in instances where the reviews are negative.

Two persons could work at the same organisation and express completely different sentiments about the organisation’s culture, job satisfaction and its structure.

I would not say that you should not apply to a company because other employees have negative feedback about the organisation.

However, I would suggest if you get the opportunity to be interviewed to delve deeper by asking the job interviewer questions relating to the organisation structure, its culture, his/her experience working for the organisation before making a final decision.

Listen closely, pay attention to how you feel after the interview and if for some reason thereafter your gut tells you not to join that organisation, then follow your heart.

Complete mock interviews

Job Interviews are always nerve racking and the key to being successful at them is to practice, practice and practice. If you are well prepared a proper answer will tend to come out under pressure.

You can practice in front of the mirror or have a family member quiz you with some common interview questions. A great tip is to record yourself so you can hear the way you sound which can assist you in improving your presentation style.

Reach out to others

Let friends, family members and other professionals know that you are looking for a job. At times, they may know someone who is hiring and therefore you may be able to easily fit right in.

Get professional wear

Ensure that you have proper professional wear ready and available so you can be presentable to your interviews. You want to make a great first impression by dressing well.

Review and update social media

Recruiters are now more than ever auditing the lifestyle of candidates before they even call them for an interview through the power of social media.

Ensure that any picture which may compromise you in a job search is deleted and update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your current skills and achievements.

Stay positive

Remember throughout the entire process to stay positive during your job search. Job search at times can be a rollercoaster ride especially if the process is lengthy and you keep hearing a lot of no’s.

Stay positive, stay focus and keep at it even in those moments when the journey gets rough.

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Final Thoughts

Job searching requires much preparation. Hope these 10 tips above assist you in getting the job of your dreams. You got this!

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How To Prepare For A Job Search

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  1. such a great post and information shared within the post is amazing. will surely keep these things in mind while looking for a job.

    • Thanks Jitendra. Glad you found this post helpful.

  2. Creating a profile and building a network allows prospective employers to review your resume, alerts you to new job openings, and introduces you to other professionals who might be willing to recommend you as a job candidate to their own companies.

    • Thanks Maureen for adding these.

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