A life changing job hunt is an approach to job seeking that requires the individual to self-reflect prior to the application process.

The 3 principles of doing a Life changing job hunt were created by Richard Nelson Bolles. The late John Crystal was co-creator.

Approaching a life changing job hunt requires that you self- reflect to examine:

  • What
  • Where
  • How

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


This requires you to reflect on your current skillsets. Identify those that you enjoy using the most. Thereafter, make a list of the skills that you will like to utilise in your work environment.


Examining the where requires that you think about the work environment. Determine if you believe the environment and the sector is one where you will excel.

The creators of this approach illustrated this with an example. A flower which blooms in the desert will not do well at 10,000 feet up and vice versa. Therefore finding the right organizational fit is essential.

Job shadowing can be a method that you can use to test whether an industry is a suitable match. Volunteering as well as interning could also be utilised to understand your where.


You need to brainstorm how to get hired by that company. This entails investigating the companies that you will like to work for. What are the names of the roles that you will like to be hired in. In addition, research the names of hiring managers.

Finalise the geographical locations where you will like to work. Do you prefer to stay in your city or move to another country? Create a database of the companies, job titles and hiring managers.

Thereafter, determine how best you can approach that person. Is there someone within your network who may be able to provide an introduction?

LinkedIn can be a great tool to assist you with locating these organisations. Additionally, you may be able to see the responsibilities of individuals who are currently performing a similar role.

This can add further clarity so as to ascertain whether the role is ideal for you. It may also reveal that you need to update your skillset in several areas.

The power of LinkedIn again can also be used to find out the names of managers within the organisations.

The Success rate of a Life changing Job Hunt

According to Richard Nelson Bolles in his best-selling job hunting book, What Color is your Parachute this approach has an 86% success rate. That means out of every 100 job seekers, 86 persons will find a job in their field of choice.

The author also confirmed that the success rate is 12 times higher than the success rate for resumes. To elaborate, you have a better chance of finding a job via this approach than applying to various organisations in an adhoc manner.

Richard Nelson Bolles first released the book What Color is your parachute on December 1st, 1970. The late John Crystal was a career planner widely known for his unconventional job seeking approaches.

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Final Thoughts

The life changing job hunt is a principle that we all can use when applying for jobs. The high success rate of this approach definitely makes it one to consider.

We can also use these principles to self-reflect on our career journey.  Feel free to read What Color is your Parachute as it’s a well recognised book for job seekers. All the best with your job search.

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                                                              Principles of Doing A Life Changing Job Hunt


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