Christian mentors play a critical role in your spiritual growth development and maturity.

An effective Christian mentor should be someone that fears the Lord, is wise and is someone who you trust. Feel free to read the article on this blog called factors to consider when choosing a Christian spiritual mentor.

This article outlines in detail traits that a christian mentor should have.

Hereunder are 10 top questions to ask a Christian Mentor:

How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?

It is great to know how your mentor began his journey of faith and trust in God. Have the person been a believer for a long period of time? Was there a memorable occasion that led to the beginning of your mentor’s relationship with God?

How do you handle seasons of disappointments in life?

Disappointments, failures and rejection are a part of life. Your mentor may be able to provide useful tools, tips and techniques for dealing with disappointment. There may be scripture verses that he/she holds on to in these seasons that you can benefit from.

Apart from the Bible, what books have your read that has most impacted your faith and trust in God?

Reading is transformational and there may be a book or books that your mentor has read that elevated his/her faith and trust in God. Maybe you can consider adding these to your reading list.

How do you manage your spiritual development?

It will be useful to know how your mentor manages his/her spiritual development? Does the mentor attend conferences and workshops on an ongoing basis? Is there a particular preacher that whose messages are pivotal to his/her spiritual development?

Who is your mentor?

Everyone has someone who they look up to and admire. It will be helpful to know who mentors your mentor. If they have books, videos and other materials, you can use this to material as part of your own spiritual development.

Whose life story in the bible impacted you the most?

God has moved in the lives of so many of the biblical characters such as Moses, David and Joseph. It will be useful to know which biblical personality your mentor admires and whose story they use to navigate seasons of life.

What steps should I take to improve my walk with God?

This question forces the mentor to give you some tough love and share areas with you where you can develop your walk with God.

What is the most significant event in your Christian walk to date?

Experiences are some of the most powerful tools that make us who we are. Your mentor can share valuable life lessons from events that can help improve your walk with God.

Life stories may add more value to your life that just hearing the words of your mentor. Therefore, this question can be extremely beneficial.

What strategies do you use to maintain an active prayer life?

Prayer is an active part for growth and development of a christian. Dr. Myles Munroe refers to prayer as the earthly license for heavenly interference.

Tips and techniques to pray more can only help you elevate your growth as a believer. The bible says that men are always to pray. Therefore, strategies to maintain an active prayer life will be a blessing to you.

What techniques do you use to share your faith with others?

One key mandate as a believer is to share your faith with others. At times, we need to explore how we can share God’s love in our daily lives.

A mentor can help you discover effective techniques and ways that you can share your faith daily with others.

Final Thoughts

Having an effective Christian mentor is a blessing and is someone that you should greatly value in your life. Hope these questions help you build a more solid mentor-mentee relationship.

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Top Questions To Ask A Christian Mentor

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