Opportunities to ask someone details about the job and their career does not present itself every day.

Therefore if ever these occasions arise be sure and ask as many questions as you possibly can so as to get clear insight into the individual’s job.

Hereunder are 13 top questions to ask someone about their job:

What do you love about your job?

Understanding what the person truly loves about their job can provide useful information in the event that you are interested in a similar job.

What career path did you follow that led you this job?

Getting an idea of the path that the person took to get to the job that they are currently doing could provide you with a helpful blueprint to arriving a similar destination should this be your career goal.

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What courses/ education did you pursue which has qualified you to do this job?

Knowing what courses or degrees that the individual pursued will be beneficial as you will be able to highlight any knowledge and skill gaps easily.

What is the toughest part of your job?

Every job has its ups and downs. Nothing is ever perfect. Knowledge of the aspects of the job that are tough can help you condition your mind should you decide that this job is the route for you.

What advice would you give someone who will want to do your job?

This question is open ended in nature and gives the individual the freedom to share advice about their job.

They may share aspects that you could not have anticipated due to your lack of extensive knowledge of their job.

What do you believe is your greatest strengths?

This will give you information about the areas that you will need to master should you consider a job of this nature.

What do you believe is your greatest weakness?

We all have weaknesses and understanding how the individual overcame prior weaknesses and how they manage their weaknesses in their current role could be enlightening.

What books do you read?

According to Jim Rohn, reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.

Obtaining information on the books and influential authors that the person follow can be beneficial so that you can add this material to your reading list.

What tools/approach do you use to stay up to date with industry trends?

Is there a special influencer in the industry that this individual follows? Are there workshop, seminars or conferences that they attend on a regular basis?

This will give you awareness into how the individual approaches personal development and the tools that they use to stay on trend

Do you have a mentor?

A great mentor can be a priceless asset that make or break one’s career. Does the individual have a mentor? Is there someone who he/she has as an accountability partner?

Is there someone who he/she bounces off ideas with? What steps did he/she take in finding a mentor? These are all questions that you can ask in relation to mentorship.

Which of your personality traits do you believe is most useful in your job?

Personality traits are those characteristics that you possess that affect your behavior and response.

Having the knowledge of these traits will give you greater understanding of the habits that you may need to create to cultivate similar traits.

What is the greatest lesson that this job has taught you?

Every job teaches you a lesson. Either you learn more about the profession and or you learn more about yourself.

Though everyone’s experience is unique, getting information on how the job has changed the individual could help you understand the potential transformation that you may experience in this job.

What tools/strategies do you use to maintain productivity?

Time is a limited resource. Understanding how someone uses time to maintain maximum productivity in their job can add tremendous value to your career and life.

Final Thoughts

Hope this list of questions helps if you need to get more insight from someone about their job. If you found this article helpful, I will be grateful if you can share it and leave a comment. 

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13 Top Questions To Ask Someone About Their Job

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