Successful leaders are extraordinary individuals who have achieved massive success in their respective areas.

One can learn so much from a successful leader by reading their autobiographies. I have written related articles on several successful leaders on the blog.

Feel free to click the upcoming links to read life stories from successful leaders such as Kobe Bryant, Malcolm X, Lee Iacocca, Phil Knight, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali and Mahatma Gandhi.

Alternatively, if you get the opportunity to meet a successful leader ensure that you maximize the moment.

Hereunder are 10 top questions that you can ask.

What is the best book that you have ever read?

According to Harry S Truman, not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers. Therefore knowledge of the best book that this individual has read should be one that you need to immediately add to your reading list.

Do you have any tools/techniques that you use to manage your time?

Understanding what tools/techniques that this leader uses to optimize productivity could add value to your career and life. Is there a favourite app that they use to help they manage productivity.

Does he / she make use of techniques such as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix or the Ivy Lee Method?

What habits do you believe have contributed most to your success?

Most successful leaders have habits that they maintain that they may attribute to their success.

Does the individual have a standard morning routine? What do they do after 8pm each night? How many hours of sleep the individual try to get each night?

What traits do you believe have contributed most to your success?

Just as habits are important, personality traits are important.

Was paying attention to details or getting over disappointments quickly traits that they can attribute to their success? Discover the traits that they will align most to their success.

What challenge did you have to overcome which positively impacted your success?

Even great leaders, do have shortcomings that they need to face which has led to their success.

As an example, champion boxer Muhammad Ali had a fear of flying. Could you imagine if he did not overcome this fear? The number of overseas matches that he fought would have never been a reality.

Therefore, understanding the challenges that this individual faced and the strategies that they used could be beneficial to you.

Who do you admire professionally and or personally?

Usually we emulate someone we admire and their beliefs play a major role in what we do in our lives.

As an example, successful leaders Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were influenced by the work of Mahatma Gandhi. Phil Knight the creator of Nike, great admired the company Sony.

Therefore, this will give you insight so that you can also check out that person who influenced the individual.

Do you have a mentor?

Most successful leaders tend to have a mentor. As an example, one famous mentor mentee relationship was that of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Even if you may not be able to be mentored by the same individual, maybe you can consider how you can access their work.

What techniques do you use for personal development?

It will be great to find out what strategies and techniques this individual uses for personal development.

Does the individual subscribe to a particular magazine for personal development? Is there a workshop or conference that the individual attends every year?

What is the most impactful lesson that you have learnt thus far in life?

This is a great question as this could be a gem that can add value to your career and life. Life lessons from experiences are priceless and therefore it is a valuable question to ask.

What tips/ techniques do you use to manage disappointments?

Disappointments are a part of life and every successful leader has had his/her fair share. It will be great to understand strategies that they use to overcome the down moments of life.

Final Thoughts

An opportunity to meet a successful leader does not come around everyday. It is therefore wise to have a few of these questions on hand should your golden opportunity arise.

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10 Top Questions To Ask Successful Leaders

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