College is an ideal time to work on developing a skill. Let’s face it, with the rapid growth of technology, more and more entry level roles will disappear.

Focusing on the development of a skill at college is therefore just as critical as earning a degree.

The following are 5 reasons why college is the ideal time to develop a skill:-

Resume Builder

Students should seek to develop skills that are closely related to their field of interest.  As an example, if you are a student who is interested in marketing, then blogging and photography are useful skills to develop. This can give your resume an edge over a candidate especially if you have no work experience.


Depending on your programme, you may have more time during the semester or while you are on vacation to pursue a skill. This is important for your school/life balance. When you enter the workplace, having a healthy work/life balance is a critical.

Developing a skill can serve as a hobby even after you enter into the world of work. It could be something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. 

This can provide a creative outlet. In addition, you may be able to connect with like-minded individuals. This networking can open doors for you in the future.

Start a Business

Developing a skill may create an opportunity for you to start a business immediately after leaving college. Several successful businesses such as Facebook was started from a college dorm room. Therefore, developing a skill can create a business venture for you which you transition into full time after school.

Career Exploration

At times the process of finding your career path is through eliminating things that you dislike.  You can use the development of a skill as part of your career exploration.

Using the example above, if you are interested in marketing and you start a blog and realize that you hate writing, then content marketing may not be the area that you should pursue.

The Self Concept Theory of Career development created by Donald Super supports the use of exploration through hobbies as part of its five stage framework on the evolution of career development.

Income Stream

Certain skills are easy to monetise such as photography which you can do on evenings and weekends. This can help you generate well needed funds that you may require for school.

When you enter into the workforce, it is always great to have a second income stream. Diversifying your income stream is great benefit of career diversification.

Having a side hustle can also help in avoiding job burnout. At times your day job could be monotonous. Having a second job could really help to break the monotony which in turns make your work life more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

College could be hectic but it is one of the best seasons of your life to consider a skill that you can develop. Hope this post provides some reasons for you to consider skill develop as part of your career planning.

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