Rejection from a scholarship can be heart breaking especially in situations where you are looking forward and praying for a positive outcome. However, in the midst of disappointments, God is still in control.

Hereunder are 4 tips for dealing with rejection from a scholarship:


The best thing to do in times of disappointment is to pray. Reach out to our heavenly father and ask him for strength to make it through. Take a moment to fret if you need to.

However, recognise that everything truly works together for your good even if you may not see it in the moment. There is a short but powerful prayer for career guidance on this blog. Feel free to visit this page and say this prayer.

Consider Alternative Study Options

Rejection from a scholarship, though for financial reasons may be the most economic path is not the only way to advance your education. So consider alternative study options.

Are you able to work and study in the event that you are employed full time? Working and study could be very stressful. However, one major advantage you have is that you are getting valuable work experience while you further your education.

Your counterparts in college would not have this benefit. Therefore, review all your options. At times, Plan B could be just as good or even better. So, do not give up. I have written an article on this blog 12 great tips for a distance learning student. Feel free to click through should you want to explore distance learning opportunities.

Explore Other Scholarship Opportunities

Not because one programme rejected you means that every other programme will. Therefore, explore other scholarship opportunities that are available from different bodies before giving up on your dream.

Ask for Feedback

Where appropriate ask for feedback. Some scholarships may be competitive while others may be willing to share with you the areas where you fell short.

Maybe there is a prerequisite that you can work for which may make you eligible for the next round of scholarships. Do not take one rejection as the final rejection.

Final Thoughts

Rejections are never easy. However, in the midst of everything remember the good and the bad all work together for your good. Hope these 4 tips above are helpful as you navigate this challenging season of life.

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How To Deal Rejection From A Scholarship

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