Starting a business is a huge milestone and should be approached by asking for God’s guidance and blessings on your new venture.  

The following is a short and simple prayer to say when starting a business:

Dear Father,

I thank you for this life changing moment. I am forever grateful for you empowering me with creativity, strength and vision to launch a business. Thank you for entrusting me this business idea.

I promise to be an excellent steward of this idea that you have given me. Grant me wisdom to be a prudent manager and leader. Help me to be an ambassador of you with all whom I come in contact with.

Give me strength in moments when I may feel weak, touch my mind that I make correct decisions when I am confused and give me discernment that I may make wise decisions. When the time is right, help me to see new and innovative ways to continue expanding.

Lord, your word says if any man needs wisdom, let him ask of you. Bless me with an abundance of wisdom to deal with each and every area of this business. I want your presence to be with me everyday as I hire new employees, create strategic plans, deal with marketing and sales, signing new contracts and every other area of the business. I know I can only excel based on your might and by your strength.

Again dear father, thanks for blessing me with this opportunity. It is truly my dream come through. You have granted me my heart’s desire for which I am very grateful.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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Final Thoughts

If you are starting a new business and looking for a prayer to say, feel free to make this prayer yours.

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A Short Prayer To Say When Starting A Business #2

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