Starting a new job can be unnerving. It is best to get into the right mindset so that you can ace your probationary period.

The first 90 days at a new job is in essence your final job interview. You get the opportunity to access if the company meets your expectation.

On the other hand, the company gets the chance to judge if you are a right fit for their culture.

Hereunder are 7 tips and techniques on how to calm your nerves before starting a new job:-


The bible admonishes you and I in Philippians chapter 4 verse 6 that we should be careful for nothing: but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

So say a prayer thanking God for your new opportunity and ask him for his guidance as you prepare to start a new chapter of your career. Let him know how nervous you are and cast all your cares upon him.

If you are searching for a short but powerful prayer that you can say as you begin your new career chapter, feel free to click here to another article on this blog called a heartfelt prayer to say when starting a new job.


Spend some quiet time resting and relaxing to rejuvenate yourself. This will ensure that you are in the strongest state mentally and physically for the upcoming task.

Some companies will require that you work a full year before you can apply for annual leave. It is therefore wise to take some time off so that you are ready for the task ahead

Review the job interview notes

Go over the notes that you made in the job interview about the role and the task that you are expected.

If you have asked the right questions to the job interviewer, you should have valuable information. Delve deeper into the information on the role and the task that you are expected to fulfill.

Other things include best traits that an individual should have who is successful in the role. This is why it is important to ask essential questions to the job interviewer.

Continue to research the business

If you are entering into a managerial role or a role especially in marketing and sales, once you are offered the job, you should continue researching the business.

Go back as far as you can to gain as much insight into the company and the way they do things. As an example, if your role is in marketing then starting learning the products from the company website or gather brochures on the product if the business has a retail store.

Review the social media pages as far as you can. This will give you knowledge on the marketing approach that the business takes and the tone of the current copy that they write.

So do an even deeper dive into the operations so that that you are as prepared as possible.

Create an action list

Combine the information on the research of the role and the job interview notes and create an action plan.

If you have information concerning the challenges in the role, then use that to brainstorm potential solutions ahead of your start date.

Start before the start date

From the action list that you have created above, is there anything that you can tackle on the list? Is there a course that you can take on Udemy to sharpen a particular skill?

Are there key stakeholders that you may have to interact with? Then create a database that you can carry in with you to hit the ground running.

Are you going into to a sales role? Depending on the business, you may be able to create a potential pipeline that you can approach.

The key is to use whatever information you have ahead of time to your advantage.

Stay Positive

Transitioning to any new role in a new organisation can be daunting. Remember to work hard, stay positive and do your best. Be willing to listen to others and take feedback and correction positively.

Show kind to everyone and reach out to your manager during the first week to ensure that you have reviewed his/her expectations.

Be willing to put in late nights and weekends when needed to ensure that you are up to speed in little or no time.

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Final Thoughts

According to Dada J P Vaswani, to be nervous is to lose half the battle; to be nervous is to burn mental energy to no useful purpose.

Therefore, pray, stay positive, listening well and work hard. To quote the late great basketball Kobe Bryant, great things come from hard work and perservance. No excuses.

Congratulations on starting a new role and remember that with God you cannot be defeated. If you found this blog post beneficial, I will be grateful if you can share it and leave a comment. 

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How To Calm Your Nerves Before Starting A New Job

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