Studying at home takes a lot of discipline as opposed to working in an environment such as your school, a co-working space or at a library. You may be required to study at home if you are a distance learning student.

However, there may be circumstances where there is no other alternative but to study at home. This could be in the case of a natural disaster or if there is a global pandemic and you are stuck inside.

Hereunder are 10 tips to help you study at home effectively:-

Get Up and Get Dressed

This may seem simple but it is so essential. Prepare to study by getting dressed in a nice outfit and styling your hair. This automatically will put you in a better frame of mind.

According to Deion Sanders, if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good. This quote can also be applied to your studies.

If you look good as if you are going to school or to the library, then this will help you maintain your routine and hence put you in the mindset to be productive.

Find a Designated Study Area

Create a space in your home where you can study. It could be a desk and a chair. It could be your dining room table or the kitchen island. This space should be an area where you are comfortable but not too relaxed.

For some individuals studying in a bed or lounge chair could be cozy but you may end up falling asleep. Get a chair where you can sit in for a considerable period of time without back pains.

Create a Plan

According to Alan Lakein, failing to plan is planning to fail. Therefore create a plan so that you have clear goals that you will like to accomplish during a required period. You can have an overall study goal such as finishing a particular course or writing a research paper. Then break those goals into smaller manageable goals.

Set Clear Deadlines

A plan without clear action deadlines may mean certain tasks may extend much longer than they need to in reality. Therefore for every large goal and smaller goals created, set a deadline by which that action must be completed.

The deadline will help you focus and even though you did not meet the deadline, more than likely you would have been relatively close to meeting it. This will help you to maintain a high level of productivity.

Create A Daily To Do List

Make a list daily of the task that you will like to achieve in order to remain focus. A technique that you may want to consider using to ensure productivity is the Ivy Lee Method.

The Ivy Lee method is a five step process that involves the following:
• At the end of each workday, write down six most important tasks that you need to accomplish the following day.
• Rank tasks in order of importance.
• The next day focus on the first task until it is completed. Then move on to the second task.
• Any remaining task is moved to the following day.
• Repeat the process at the end of each day.

The Ivy Lee method will ensure that you plan ahead at the end of each study day. In addition you will learn to prioritize and focus on only one task at a time. One challenge with multi-tasking is that you can end up with several incomplete tasks at the end of each day. Focusing on one task will ensure that you see greater progress in your work.

Take Breaks

While you are studying, ensure that you take regular breaks. If you continue working consistently for several hours you will get tired and you may find that your productivity may decline.

One technique that many individuals use to stay productive is the pomodoro technique. This method involves setting a timer for 25 minutes and working assiduously during this period. Once the timer rings, take a break for 5 minutes to breathe or grab a cup of tea. Then set another pomodoro again. After the end of every four pomodoros, take a longer break of about 20 to 30 minutes.


One thing that you can do if you are seeking a burst of energy while studying is to exercise. This is not doing a major full work-out routine. However, if you are feeling sleepy and you want to complete reading a chapter, consider taking 5 minutes and doing some jumping jacks.

Whenever I do this while studying I get a surge of energy to continue and if I am falling asleep it wakes me up.

Remove Distractions

Unlike the library where you are working in a confined space, studying at home is filled with many distractions. You can get up at any moment and fix yourself a snack. The television is there so you can turn it on and watch a show.

Self discipline is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that you do not get side tracked while at home. Social media is also a major form of disturbance. There are free website blockers such as Cold Turkey which you can use to block your access to social media for a specific period of time. This will ensure that you focus during your study time.

Set Boundaries

If you are stuck inside and there are other occupants who are at home with you then you need to set boundaries as well for them.

Create your timetable and share this with them. Let them know your designated area of study and the hours when they cannot disturb you. This will allow you to get your work down without disturbances.

Reward Yourself

Hardwork is a great justification for a reward. Therefore decide on how you will reward yourself for the achievement of goals. Your reward can be for the achievement of the overall goal or smaller goals.

As an example, you may have a favourite television show or You Tuber that you enjoy watching. Then your reward could be if you complete your daily goals that you get to watch your favourite show in the evening.

On the other hand, your reward could be a bigger prize such as a weekend to the beach with friends or a facial at a spa. Find the thing that will motivate you to work harder and reward yourself for achieving your goals.

Final Thoughts

Studying at home requires planning and strategizing in order to achieve maximum productivity. Trust the tips above help you create a plan that could yield you great results.

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Effective Study At Home Tips


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