The work environment can be tough. However, you and I need to do our best to be self- aware and ensure that our actions are professional.

Hereunder is a list of 8 things that are unprofessional to do:-

Revealing company secrets

Information that comes to you during the course of executing your job is confidential and should not be disclosed even after you leave the company.

Most companies also have non-disclosure agreements that many a times extend beyond your period of employment.

Be sure to observe them and be mindful in your interactions with friends and family members that you are not disclosing company secrets.

Not adhering to company processes

Companies usually have their policies and processes that are part of their standard way of operating. Ensure that you adhere to these processes and policies to meet their standards despite your personal opinion.

Rules are created for a reason. If you are in a situation where the process may not make practical sense, challenge the rule in a constructive and professional manner.

Not adhering to professional code of conduct

If you are a part of a professional body then you are obligated to follow the rules of professional conduct.

A medical doctor is usually bounded by codes of conduct from a medical board or an accountant is bounded by rules of conduct from the required accounting body such as ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Not listening to others

You are a part of a team and listening to what the other person is saying is a critical aspect of getting along with others. Everyone wants to feel heard.

No one wants to feel that they do not matter in a relationship. If you ignore what others are saying to you and go against it, it may signal that you do not value their opinion.

Late to meetings

Arriving consistently late to meetings will cause your other colleagues to believe that you do not respect them and their time.

Being early and prepared for meetings can set you apart from your colleagues. So you can use punctuality as a way to differentiate yourself in the workplace.

Gossiping about your colleagues

There is a famous quote that says if you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. This applies especially in the workplace and concerning your colleagues.

Gossiping to other colleagues about another is highly unprofessional. This may spark a conflict if the information gets backs to the teammate in question. Therefore, be mindful of what you say about others in the workplace.


Remember your personal life is your private business. One significant disadvantage of oversharing is the fact that personal information which you may share in good faith may be used in ways that you have not bargained.

Therefore, keep your interactions friendly yet professional at all times. Take special care when it comes to information about your private life.


You may always be the one asked to carry extra workload or have a lot of deadlines to meet. Complaining will not help you get there any further. Constantly complaining as well to your colleagues and at the office makes one appears as a negative person.

People get tired and fed up of anyone around them who is consistently talking in a negative and self-defeating manner. At some stage people may tend to avoid environments of constant negativity.

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Final Thoughts

Trust this list serves as a gentle reminder of unprofessional things that you and I must avoid. If you found this information valuable, I will be grateful if you can share it and leave a comment.

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8 Things That Are Unprofessional To Do

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