College is a season of your life like no other. You may be away from home for the first time and it is your final years before entering into the workplace.

College is therefore a great place to start preparing for what lies ahead. You can create a college bucket list of profitable things that you can accomplish. These will benefit you later on as you prepare for the workplace.

Hereunder are 15 profitable things to do before graduating from college. In other words if you are creating a college bucket list, here are some smart ideas to consider.

Get a Student Job

A student job is a great way to spend some of your time in college. The extra income will be well appreciated. In addition, you get the valuable opportunity to gain work experience which is critical when you are writing your first resume.

When entering the world of work, college student usually face the challenge of companies asking for practical experience when the graduate is fresh out of school. A student job is a way to get some experience and hence build your resume.

If you are writing your resume for the first time and you are looking for guidance, there is a free resume sample available in the career resource library. Click HERE to access for free.

Create a Career Vision

College is a great place to create a career vision. The benefit of reflecting and discovering your career vision in college is that it will give you direction and focus. You may even realize that you need to pivot.

If required, then you will also be able to make better subjects choices that align with the big picture for your career. Use your spare time to reflect and experiment.

Explore areas that you are interested in. This will help in self-discovery and provide direction later on for your career.

If you will like to learn more about creating a career vision, there is a free career vision workbook found inside the free career resource library. Click HERE to access.

Study a Semester Abroad

Travelling can open up your mind to new ways of doing the same things and a host of other opportunities. If there is an opportunity within the college programme to complete a semester abroad then embrace it with open arms.

This experience will also add value to your resume as it shows that you are able to thrive and survive outside of your comfort zone.

Learn a Foreign Language

Foreign languages can provide a competitive advantage to you in the workplace. The ability to speak a foreign language separates you from other candidates.

If a language is not an option of your main programme, consider if it is offered in the school’s continuous development programme. Again, this will add tremendous value to your resume.

Start Saving Money

Whether you are on a scholarship or funded by your family, open a savings account and start saving. At times in college, the tendency is to spend extra money as oppose to putting money aside for the future.

This savings will turn out to be useful in the future. There is a article on the blog on top tips and tricks to saving money in college.  Feel free to click the previous link for some ideas on how to save money while at school.

Start a Business

There is no better time to start a business that during college. There are several highly successful businesses today that started in college dorm rooms. The most famously known business of these is Facebook.

Therefore, use your free time to explore and brainstorm. At college you can readily use your classmates, depending on the business idea to test and to validate your idea.

Even if your business does not become the next Facebook, you could start a profitable side hustle.

Side hustles provides a great way to diversify your career. It provides an additional income stream than working solely for an organisation. You may also explore the option of turning your side hustle into a full time job.

Find a Hobby

Hobbies are a great tool that you can use in career exploration. As a college student, one of your biggest decisions that you will need to make is choosing a career. Hobbies provide an excellent outlet where you can experiment with things that you are interested in.

If it is something that you enjoy you can pursue it further. On the other hand, if it is something that you realize that you do not like, then you can eliminate it.

Hobbies and its benefits in career exploration align with the Self Concept Theory of Career Development developed by Donald Super in 1969.

This theory recommends that individuals should utilize hobbies as a medium to explore and experiment with new things as a fundamental aspect of career development.

Make Friends

College is the best place to begin networking. From your room mate to your classmates, you are looking at individuals who will be potential leaders in several different fields in the future.

Take the time to socialize with your peers and make contacts. Join various clubs and societies that exist in the school. This will help you to meet more persons.

You may gain lifelong friends from your college experience. Feel free to click the upcoming link to explore a post on this blog which provides guidance from the book of Proverbs on friendship.

Take a Legal Course

No matter what field you decide to enter, knowledge of contracts and the law will help you. If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you may avoid lawsuits from understanding what red flags to look out for in contracts.

If you become a CEO, you need to be aware what terms and conditions you are binding the business to.

Knowledge of the law will help you to see warning signs that you need to look out in managing or running a business.

Attend Career Fairs

Colleges tend to organize career fairs where businesses visit the campus to recruit interns for various positions.

Even though you do not get an internship opportunity, preparing your resume and being interviewed by a business will give you practice.

This will become useful when you are entering the workforce. I have written a post which provides guidance on how to prepare for a job fair. Feel free to read if you require further details.

Develop a Skill

Explore a skill that you enjoy but has the potential to be profitable and develop it. While you may be getting a degree, a skill provides a great alternative should there be challenges in the future with your full time role.

Skills that you can develop that can be profitable include blogging, photography, and cake decorating, baking and sewing.

If you are interested in learning more about blogging, there is a free blogging quickstart guide in the career resource library. Click HERE to access for free.

Develop Good Habits

There are several good habits that you can develop in college which will help you both in your career and in life. College can help you develop an exercise routine, healthy eating habit, sleep habit, reading habit.

Therefore, consider habits that can change your career and life. College is a place to start developing these habits.

Learn to Cook

There is no better time to learn to make a few signature dishes than while you are at college. Use YouTube or Pinterest to get recipes and start practicing.

Once you are in the workplace, cooking your own meals will allow you to maintain a healthier lifestyle while saving money.

Enjoy Your Summer Vacations

Use your summer vacations for loads of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. Once you start working you will no longer have the length of vacation time.

College is the last season with such as lengthy vacation. Therefore, enjoy it to the fullest.

Take a Fun Class

Take a class that has nothing to do with your major just for the sake of it. College is the perfect environment to explore and step outside of your comfort zone. By doing this you may discover new interests that you enjoy.

Final Thoughts

College is the season of your life before entering the workplace. It is therefore wise that you prepare while at college. Trust you found this college bucket list of ideas helpful as you prepare for the future.

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5 Profitable Things To Do Before Leaving College

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