Good job benefits are relative as this varies from person to person and organisation to organisation. It is essential that you are rewarded for your hard work.

If you work for a company that demands you to work for long hours, good job benefits may look different.  A job with standard working hours will be compensated accordingly.

The definition of a good job benefit can also change based on your age and stage of your life.

As an example, a job benefit such as study leave to pursue a degree may be more highly desired by a young professional than a mature seasoned executive.

Below are 8 examples that may be considered good job benefits.

  •   Extensive Vacation Leave
  •   Study Benefits
  •   Health Benefits
  •   Pension Plans
  •   Flexible work hours/location
  •   High Quality Training
  •   Family Benefits
  •   Relocation Allowance

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Extensive Vacation Leave

Every employer usually allows vacation leave to each employee.

However, some roles may have more vacation leave than another. Access to extensive vacation leave frees up your time to other activities.

These can include preparing for an examination or working on building your business.

Study Benefits

Scholarships are usually available in limited quantities by organisations and Governments which makes access to them competitive. Therefore, balancing a full time job and study may be the only route to further your education.

Companies can provide study benefits through a number of different approaches such as distance learning programmes.

Examples of these include days off for study and examination or extended leave to go overseas to study with a guaranteed role at the end.

Other companies may finance a degree outright or fund a degree if it is directly related to your role.

Health Benefits

Having health benefits provided by a company is a major advantage. Some companies extend coverage as well to your immediate family which is a significant benefit to employees with families.

Companies nowadays extend health benefits not only to medical and dental related areas but also other wellness areas such as counseling, therapy and staff gym membership packages.

Pension Plan

Another fantastic benefit as we all need to prepare for life in our senior years.

Some companies contribute 100 % to the pension scheme while others match the portion that you invest into the pension scheme.  Payment of the money from the pension fund usually varies company to company.

Flexible work hours/locations

This job benefit can be ideal as it allows you the leeway to work from home on some days or a portion of a day and visit the office as required.

This can save you lots of time commuting as well as the costs to travel daily to an office which could be miles away.

This benefit can be advantageous to moms who can balance being at home with their children and still working. 

A mom may also be able to stay home and work for an extended period if a child is ill.

High Quality Training

Obtaining high quality training from a business can be invaluable. Some companies offer training to staff from Ivy League Universities or have training and development functions.

It is essential to understand the importance that companies place on training in an interview setting as this a good job benefit.

Other international companies fly staff to be trained by highly skilled professional. Other companies extend training to mentoring programmes which could be highly valuable.

Family Benefits

I have grouped the following under family benefits to include child care facilities onsite, maternity and paternity leave. These benefits are important as our families are an essential part of our lives.

Working with a company that makes allowances to ensure that we can adequate meet our family commitments while pursuing a meaningful career is an excellent benefit to enjoy.

Relocation Allowance

These benefits are usually applicable if you are working abroad as your out of pocket costs will be greater than an individual working their home country. Examples of these allowances may include airfare and housing allowance.

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Final Thoughts

In addition to your remuneration, good jobs benefits are essential to consider when evaluating a job offer.

It is paramount to consider all the factors surrounding the role to decide what job benefits are good for your time and effort. Hope these examples above give insight into good job during deliberations.

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