If you are adventurous, open-minded and willing to immerse yourself into different cultures, working abroad may be a career advancing option to consider.

Working abroad will not only enhance your career journey but build and develop essential life skills.

The following are 10 ways in which working abroad can enhance your career journey.

  • Exposure
  • New ideas
  • Adventure
  • Create amazing stories
  • Learn a new language
  • Overall growth
  • Adaptability
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • New perspectives
  • General awareness

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


An overseas role provides you with the opportunity to discover new cultures, words, new ways of doing a task and concepts.

This can lead to alternative perspectives and refined methods on how to look at similar situations which you have experienced in the past.

This can add tremendous value to roles that you perform in the future as you can bring varied approach to problem solving and tackling a task.

New ideas

New exposure can birth fresh ideas as you are now exposed to knowledge which could only have occurred due to your new environment.

These can include business ideas and different career paths which in the event that you return home you bring these ideas with you.


This experience can bring you a great deal of adventure such as trying new cuisine, hiking a new trail, long road trips or enjoying new aspects of the culture.

These can all add to a more enriched life, fond memories and an appreciation of how other people live.

Create amazing stories

Some of the most unusual and funniest stories of my life have been from working abroad especially while making silly mistakes due to cultural misunderstandings.

These experiences have provided some amazing stories that I have been able to share.

Learn a new language

Expanding your knowledge of a new language is so much easier once you visit a new country. If mastered, this could pay serious dividends and it is a skill that can enhance your resume.

Overall growth

Working abroad can contribute to your overall personal growth as you will improve a variety of skills such as communication and listening especially if you work in a country which where the local language differs from yours.

Your decision making and problem solving skills will be put to the test as you will be exposed to new situations where you would be required to solve them in ways that you have not previously considered.

You will also develop social skills such as you are constantly meeting new people. To get around you will need to be asking for direction which random strangers who you interact with can give you a suggestion or share a perspective with you that could remain with you for the rest of your life.


Change comes with travelling and one must be willing to embrace the changes that come from living and working in a new environment. 

These changes may include hours of work, food, traffic, mode of transportation, type of clothing, access to things that you may be used to and language.

To be able to survive in the new environment you will need to adapt and at times quickly in order to accomplish your task.

Adaptation can be hard at first but once you get use to adapting you appreciate being flexible and taking life as it comes.

Step out of your comfort zone

Travelling is a tool that can develop your confidence in stepping out of your comfort zone especially in instances where you have relocated on your own. 

Through this experience you get to test your wings and become independent.

You get to understand yourself better when you are not surrounded by the familiar which enable you to appreciate what your own standards and ideals are.

If you travel to a place where you stand out due to your ethnicity, this can push you even further out of your comfort zone.

For example, if you are black and you travel to Asia, be prepared to deal with stares that you may receive and the numerous requests for your picture.

Living in this environment will push you to learn how to cope in situations where you stand out.

New perspectives

New environments can truly alter your perspective on how you view your situations.

In my own life, travelling has made me extremely grateful as at times what I may complain about, other persons in many parts of the world will be thankful for the same circumstance.

General awareness

Working abroad can improve awareness of what is around you. Your curiousity heightens as you try to make sense of what is going on around you.

Why is that object this colour and what are people selling over there are some of the questions that you may ask.

To a certain extent, you become a child again trying to ask what the different things are to understand and make sense of your new environment.

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Final Thoughts

I love to travel and working abroad has positively impacted my career journey. If you ever have the opportunity to work abroad as an emerging professional, do embrace it.

Future employers tend to see overseas experience as an asset and may make certain conclusions about your personality just by looking at your resume especially in instances where your move may be viewed as audacious.

The value of the experiences that you will gain will pay off significantly in years to come. If you found this article helpful, I will be grateful if you can share it and leave a comment. For access to our free resource library with career templates, guides and checklists, click HERE to fill in the form.Thank you in advance for your support as I grow this blog.

How Working Abroad Can Enhance Your Career Journey

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