Whether you are a college student, professional or entrepreneur, an elevator pitch is a must have as part of your career toolkit.

Selling one’s skills and talents is an ongoing part of the career journey. An elevator pitch will be useful in numerous scenarios such as a student attending a job fair or a job seeker at a job interview. It will also benefit a mentee meeting a mentor for the first time or if you manage to meet someone you professionally admire.

According to Wikipedia, an elevator pitch is a short description of an idea, product or company. It is important that any listener can understand the pitch in a short period of time.

An elevator pitch is also referred to as an elevator speech or an elevator statement.

The Background of the Elevator Pitch

According to Wikipedia, there are several stories on the background of elevator pitch. Phillip Crosby, author of The Art of Getting Your Own Way (1972) and Quality is Still Free (1996) recommended that individuals should have a persuasive speech on hand which they can share with an influential individual.

Alternatively, the background of the elevator pitch is linked to two journalists, Michael Caruso and Ilene Rosenzweig.

Caruso was the Senior Editor at Vanity Fair. He had the challenge of getting ahold of the editor in chief long enough to pitch his stories.

As a solution to this problem, he joined her on elevator rides to sell his ideas.

Elevator Pitch Structure

An elevator pitch structure should include:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • A clear statement that explains how you are unique
  • A clear statement which ask for what you want from the listener

The upcoming section provides examples of how you can incorporate these 4 points in the structure of your elevator pitch.

Elevator Pitch Examples

Hereunder are some examples of elevator pitch for various scenarios. Feel free to amend/ tweak to suit your needs.

Elevator Pitch Example for College Students at a Career Fair

My name is John Doe. I am a final year student at ABC University and I major in business management and accounting. I was recently awarded accounting student of the year by the Dean of the Business School. My passion is to work in the technology sector after graduation. I am therefore seeking an internship to gain experience in this field.

Elevator Pitch Example for Fresh Graduate

My name is Jane Doe and I recently graduated from college with a degree in marketing. I completed an internship at ABC Media last year where I worked as a content creator. I am seeking a job where I can use my knowledge and skills in social media marketing.

Elevator Pitch Example for Job Seekers

My name is Jim Doe and I have over 5 years’ experience as a teacher with the Government of ABC. I am seeking a role with a private institution. If you know any private schools that is hiring, please let me know.

Elevator Pitch Generators

There are several online websites that offer free elevator pitch generator in the event that you need some help to get you started. Feel free to check out businessfirstimpression.com or eggradients.com.

Elevator Pitch Tips

  • Your elevator pitch must be concise. You should be able to deliver it in a short period of time. This is usually between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. It is the average time it takes to ride an elevator to the top floor of a building.
  • You should create a few versions of your elevator pitch and practice the delivery of these. As an example, the elevator pitch that you will deliver to a human resource director of your dream company will vary to the one that you will share if you meet a professional that you admire. Your pitch will vary if you meet a potential investor for your business. Therefore ensure that your pitch is adaptable and that you write a few variations of it.
  • Practice, practice and practice. This will ensure that you can deliver your speech persuasively and genuinely.

Final Thoughts

Having a pre-planned well-rehearsed elevator pitch will add significant value to your career. Hope that the tips and information in this article help you to write a persuasive and compelling elevator pitch.

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How to Write A Persuasive Elevator Pitch

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