Entering the job market without work experience can be tough. Recent graduates are competing with persons who are a few steps ahead for many of the entry level positions.

Numerous employers require work experience to enable smooth transitions of candidates into their business.

The following 4 steps could be considered when writing a resume if you have little or no work experience:

  • Create a compelling resume objective
  • Use a functional resume format
  • Prepare an impressive cover letter
  • Highlight other experiences

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Create a compelling resume objective

In order to stand out you will need to grab the attention of the recruiter. Your objective should be a strong statement as to why you want to work for the business and what value you can add.

Below is an example of what a resume objective of a recent graduate may look like.

Recent graduate with experience in blogging and event planning. Seeking opportunities to build a long term career as an event planner within a dynamic organisation.

Use a functional resume format

A functional resume layout should be used when you have little or no work experience. This resume style places the emphasis on education and relevant skills as oppose to your work history.

This is presented first on the curriculum vitae (CV) and any work experience is noted thereafter.

Prepare an impressive cover letter

To strategically position yourself as an applicant to consider for the vacancy, an exceptional cover letter is required.

A compelling cover letter which details how your experiences can add value could be the edge.  The cover letter needs to truly sell how your experiences at college, internships, life challenges and other skills makes you an ideal fit for the role.

Research the company’s culture and highlight any similarities between your personality, the company’s values and what is required for the role.

Highlight other experiences

We all have unique skills and abilities. Even though you lack work experience and have not used these skills in the workplace, you may have refined these as a student.

Let’s assume that you have taken a full course load for all the semesters while at college with exceptional grades. This could demonstrate that you understand planning and time management to a prospective employer.

Therefore, reflect on the things that you do well as a student and package them as part of your application.

It is critical that your resume highlights other experiences that you may have had such as internships, volunteer jobs and extra curricula activities.

For example if you were the president of the student council who negotiated with a team for better classroom facilities and succeeded, then this could be included on your resume.

Starting a blog can be a good way to gain some work experience during college which can be act like a digital portfolio of your past accomplishments. Landing an internship at a company can be competitive.

However, starting a blog is all within your control. If you are interested in a particular field, you can consider starting a blog about the area which can remarkably enhance your resume.

As an example, if you are interested in event planning, you can consider starting an event blog. Assuming that you are a member of a youth group, you can volunteer to manage all the events that the group undertakes.

This will not only give you an opportunity to practice your skills but to get content for your blog. Additionally, you can volunteer to event manage for friends and family. This can assist you in building a body of work online which can strengthen your resume.

Furthermore, to enhance the depth of the content on your blog, you can consider acquiring other skills that can add value to you as an event planner.

Complimentary skills such as floral arrangement and photography can cause an employer in this sector to view your resume favourably. Udemy is an online learning website where you can learn skills like these at an affordable price.

Career planning from the college level is therefore fundamental in order to ensure that you have a job search strategy prior to entering the workplace.

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Final Thoughts

The growth of technology and artificial intelligence are affecting the number of entry level jobs in many industries.

Planning is therefore paramount at the college level to ensure that students are preparing for the workplace while at school.

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How to Write A Resume when you have no job experience


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