Fluency in a foreign language can be a huge competitive advantage in your career especially if your dream job is in an industry such as tourism.

According to Babbel Magazine, Spanish is the second language with the highest number of native speakers in the world after Chinese Mandarin.

With the advent of the internet, there are a plethora of free and budget friendly online resources available to learn and develop a new skill such as speaking Spanish.

Hereunder are 7 most helpful YouTube channels to learn Spanish:

Learn Spanish With SpanishPod101

This channel is suitable for all ages and stages. The channel does through Spanish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Rock N Learn

Rock N Learn provides fun and interactive videos in Spanish with English and Spanish subtitles for kids of all ages and adults. The channel also provides content for learners of other languages such as English and French.

Real World Spanish Lessons

Focuses on teaching Spanish using real life statements and phrases. The channel features longer videos geared to you learning Spanish while you sleep. You start listening to the videos about 20 minutes before going to sleep.

Butterfly Spanish

Hosted by Ana, this channel shares common Spanish phrases, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs and so much more. Ana studied linguistics and is a native Spanish speaker.

She also shares the differences between Mexican Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Spanish in Spain.

Learn Spanish World

Videos are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners. There are also exciting content such as the Spanish word for the day as well as Spanish spoken in various Spanish countries in the world.

Ouino Languages

Learn Spanish using the Ouino method focuses on grammar, conversation, reading, listening and writing. The video also provides tips and techniques to learning a new language.

Learn Spanish

This channel has videos for learners at the beginner level to a conversational level.

Final Thoughts

Trust you find this list helpful and valuable if you are interested in learning Spanish.

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